8-wheel electric Argo Atlas EV demo ride? We’re in!

The 55th annual Hay Days brought with it all sorts of goodness from a powersports vehicle perspective. There were plenty of 2- and 4-wheel vehicles alongside heaps of snowmobiles, but Team PSB found ourselves aboard the 8-wheel Atlas amphibious EV from Argo for another first.

The sneak peek allowed for some dirt track time at Hay Days. On Sept. 28, pricing will be revealed and consumers can begin making deposits at argoxtv.com.

Here's a look at the specs:

• Amphibious

• 48v System

• Drive Motor

• Steering Motor

• E-Steer Transmission

• 2, 3 or 4 Battery Options (14/21/28 KWh)


• Regenerative Braking

• 6 KWh on board charger

• Up to 6 hours of run time on a single charge

• Up to 60 miles of range

• 12-inch Display with 25 functions

• Adjustable Front Sliding Seats

• LED headlights and taillights

• Underhood Storage

• Integrated 3,000 lb. Winch

Argo president and CEO Brad Darling welcomed attendees to the Atlas EV launch.
Mark Esala, VP of Engineering at Argo, describes how the thing works.