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ARGO recalls Xplorer ATVs due to fire hazard

ARGO has determined that its 2020-2021 Xplorer XR 500 and XRT 500, and 2021-2023 Xplorer XR 570 and XRT 570 ATV models may have fuel overflow out of the vent hose onto the vehicle, posing a fire hazard, and potentially cause injury. No reports of personal injury have been identified, the company says.

ARGO says that fuel may overflow out of a vent hose and onto the vehicle, posing a fire and injury risk. (Photo: CPSC)

The vehicles were sold in green, red, white, black, blue, and graphite colors. The identifying VIN plate is located in the right front wheel well on the frame of the vehicle. Consumers can identify the year of their ATV with the following code: the 10th character in the VIN will be L for the model year 2020, M for the model year 2021, N for the model year 2022, and P for the model year 2023. The model name and package is located on the side decals of the ATV.

ARGO is in the process of contacting all known owners directly with instructions to contact an authorized ARGO ATV dealer for a free inspection and repair of the fuel system. The dealer will perform an inspection of the vent system, re-route and extend the vent hose, and install a fuel neck insert. The recall number from the CPSC is 23-790. About 500 units are affected in the U.S., and about 1,600 in Canada.

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