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ARGO reveals Magnum XF 1000 LE UTV

ARGO, a manufacturer of ATVs, UTVs, Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs), and amphibious Xtreme Terrain Vehicles (XTVs), announced this week the continued expansion of its side-by-side lineup with the release of the Magnum XF 1000 LE.

Set to accompany the Magnum XF 500 mid-size UTV, the Magnum XF 1000 LE is a full-size workhorse that hits the market as an early 2025 release. (Photo: ARGO)

Brad Darling, president and CEO of ARGO, spoke on the features of the newly unveiled side-by-side: “The ARGO Magnum XF 1000 LE stands out as the top of its class thanks to a number of its best-in-class features. This full-size, 3-passenger side-by-side offers class-leading cab space, including spacious legroom, an adjustable driver’s seat, plenty of storage space, and many more features. In addition to superior comfort, this all-new 83 hp side-by-side possesses the most cargo space in its category and offers a selectable 5-mode front and rear differential, including Turf Mode, making the Magnum XF 1000 LE a perfect machine for work and play.”

The Magnum XF 1000 LE offers customizable Tri-Mode Electric Power Steering (EPS), conveniently set from the digital display. Pair this advanced EPS system with the vehicle’s speed keys for a personalized rider experience tailored towards safety and driver confidence. A heavy-duty front bumper with a 4,500 lb. winch and a poly sport roof are just a few of the standard features included for a competitive price point.

Set to accompany the Magnum XF 500 mid-size utility SSV; this full-size workhorse hits the market as an early 2025 release from ARGO.

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