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Ryvid reveals scrambler-style Outset model

Ryvid has added an exciting second model to its lineup. The scrambler-style Outset is a striking option for commuting and multi-road adventure. Outset also shares a number of key components with Anthem, so it opens a unique opportunity to convert one into the other, the company says.

Ryvid introduced its second model, the Outset, which will retail for $5,995 on the company’s website. (Photos: Ryvid)

Offering greater suspension travel to deal with challenging surfaces, a longer, narrower motocross-style seat, and multi-role Dunlop Mutant tires, the Ryvid Outset is designed for urban exploration and beyond. It shares Anthem’s rigid folded steel backbone frame, instrument display, removable 4.3kWh battery with integrated charger, 72V air-cooled brushless DC motor, controller, and sealed belt drive.

The Outset has a 33” seat height, but its compliant suspension and narrow cushion mean it will comfortably accommodate a range of riders. It gets its own headlight design, mirrors, wider handlebar, seat unit, and suspension. The more upright riding position also necessitated repositioning the footpegs forward and adding a longer kickstand.

The Outset has up to 70 miles range and 75mph+ top speed.

Ryvid has been able to offer Outset for $500 less than its flagship Anthem by removing the adjustable seat mechanism and employing fewer body panels.

Weighing just 315 lb, the Outset shares the Anthem’s featherweight architecture and low center of gravity. With its major components positioned at axle level, the Outset and Anthem can easily change direction at high speed or maneuver at slow speed.

Another benefit of electric power is the Ryvid Reverse Gear. When stopped, the rider can move the motorcycle backward at walking speed at the push of a button to extricate it from a tight parking position or awkward slope.

Modular design

Thanks to its shared components, Anthem Electric owners will be able to purchase the parts necessary to convert their motorcycle into the new Outset model at a fraction of the price of the complete machine.
The conversion parts will be available from the Interactive 3D Parts Catalog at This catalog currently lists every part of the Anthem for service or repair and will soon include Offset-specific parts. A list of parts and instruction video will be provided to guide Anthem owners when converting their Outset and vice versa.

Pricing and availability

Ryvid says it was able to introduce the Outset at $5,995 thanks to several factors. “In order to disrupt the light electric mobility sector, it was essential to not only innovate our products but also our value proposition. Creating a new generation of two-wheel electric adopters meant competing effectively on the specification-versus-price ratio against both existing EVs and traditional ICE vehicles. Achieving competitive pricing would be challenging until we could execute several key post-launch initiatives.”

Dong Tran, Ryvid founder and CEO

The new Outset will be available for summer delivery in either Sector Red or Vapor Grey. The Anthem is available for immediate delivery in a choice of six colors.

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