Ski-Doo updates MXZx 600RS race sled for 2024

After winning 15 of 17 snowmobile snocross national points championships last year, Ski-Doo could have probably rested on its laurels with its MXZx 600RS snocross-specific race snowmobile. But that’s not how Ski-Doo rolls!

Interviewed at the center of a circle of curious fans and racers at the Hay Days Grass Drags & Swap Meet event on September 9, Ski-Doo Race Coordinator Cary Daku commented: “Some people could say, ‘Let’s just copy and paste, and there we go,’ but we didn’t. We went back, realized where we needed to improve.”

The 2024 MXZx 600RS snocross race sled sat quietly awaiting its unveiling while Ski-Doo officials talked about their mountain snowmobiles. (Photo: Snow Goer)

It starts with a move to the REV Gen5 platform, which gives the sled a four-point engine mounting system, a quick-change drive axle and some new cosmetics. But the biggest changes were in the suspension.

“We identified that, in certain snow conditions, we needed more traction. We needed to get better starts, we needed to get up and over those doubles a little more, and I’m confident to say they found it,” Daku said of the race sled development team.

Changes in the rear suspension geometry cause a big change on the track, Ski-Doo officials said.

In the rMotion RS skid frame, “We brought the front arm down a little bit, changed the motion ratio in the rear skid a little bit, and fixed the coupling,” Daku said. “It doesn’t seem like much on paper until you ride it. When you ride it, it’s a different feeling sled; it’s a different animal.”

Under the hood, a reinforced S module improves durability, he said. Larger injectors and updated calibrations on the 600RS E-TEC race engine were also included in the package.

Once the crowd around the machine had cleared, later in the weekend, racers and team members kept stopping by to get an inside look at the MXZx 600RS.

“Let’s be honest, [a lot of racers] look at it and think, ‘Wait a second, Cary, this looks a little familiar to what I had last year,’” Daku said. “Where the magic is is underneath the hood. This sled has been in the works for a long time.”

See the full specs on Snow Goer’s website here.