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Volcon awards additional assembly contract to ElectraMeccanica

Volcon and ElectraMeccanica have jointly announced that the latter has been selected for the final assembly of the EV maker’s Stag UTV. This contract expands the previously announced assembly work ElectraMeccanica will do for the Grunt EVO and Runt LT electric motorcycles.

“We continue to make progress in scaling our vertically integrated supply chain in partnership with GLV Mexico, with frames, panels, suspension components, paint and cure lines ramping as we speak,” commented Jordan Davis, Volcon CEO. “By adding stateside assembly to our vertically integrated supply chain, we accomplish both our promise to keep manufacturing in North America while focusing on profitability and supply chain resilience.”

Volcon and ElectraMeccanica will add the Stag UTV to their assembly contract, which also includes the Grunt and Runt electric motorcycles. (Photo: Volcon)

The partnership provides ElectraMeccanica with additional EV manufacturing brands to assemble in their state-of-the-art Mesa, Arizona facility; while assisting Volcon with their reshoring efforts in North America.

Susan E. Docherty, ElectraMeccanica CEO, stated, “The EV market continues to expand and we’re excited that our Mesa facility is playing an immediate part in that growth. We’re also extremely pleased to build on our existing relationship with Volcon and GLV by leveraging our teams’ expertise to bring new types of electric vehicles to eager customers while we also work to develop our own next-generation EV.”

With more than half of Volcon’s product line being assembled in the United States, the company says it is dedicated to making best-in-class products without handing off significant costs to their end-user customers.

Davis noted, “Complex global supply chains, as we know them, existed long before Volcon was established. However, instead of subscribing to the trickle-down of common transnational commerce practices, we feel we have an opportunity to show what a ‘trickle-up’ model could look like by collaborating with businesses in our own backyard for components that are often sourced overseas. While not perfected, we feel with opportunities like this, we get closer to creating a version where maximum profits are not at the expense of American jobs and maintaining a circular flow of dollars in our own communities.”

ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp recently built a state-of-the-art 235,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Mesa, Arizona to produce and assemble electric vehicles for both ElectraMeccanica and other manufacturers. The Arizona-based company also produces a three-wheeled electric car called the SOLO.

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