Ducati unveils second generation Scrambler models

Ducati recently presented its new Scrambler in the final episode of the Ducati World Premiere web series. The new generation is contemporary, expressive and delivers a lively personality.

The motorcycle uniquely combines fun, technology, safety and ease of use. The Scrambler is capable of evolving the distinctive features of a product that has already won the hearts of over 100,000 riders, and is even more customizable according to the rider’s style.

The new generation has been completely redesigned with a young and modern style. It is dynamic and fun but also accessible and safe for everyday riding, designed for style and technology-conscious enthusiasts.

The three Ducati Scrambler models include the Icon, Full Throttle and Nightshift.

The second generation validates that simplicity and authenticity have always represented an essential value for all Ducati Scrambler enthusiasts. The air-cooled Desmodue twin-cylinder engine, steel trellis frame, wide handlebar and low center of gravity are enhanced by advanced electronics and a more modern style in lines and concepts.

The three Ducati Scrambler models include the Icon, Full Throttle and Nightshift. Each model has a different style, united by a relaxed riding position and a low weight.

The Style

The new Scrambler exhibits linear features that underline its modern character. The design keeps the soul of the Ducati Scrambler family intact, preserving its distinctive elements. The front DRL (Daytime Riding Light), recognizable at first glance and a trademark of the Ducati Scrambler universe, immediately expresses modernity.

The front headlight, now full LED, keeps the iconic “X” redesigned with an even more recognizable style. The new taillight design now has a semi-circular line that is LED, along with the direction indicators.

The steel tank features an interchangeable cover and with the mudguards, the bike has plenty of color that is easy to customize. The new instrumentation with 4.3” color TFT and dedicated HMI makes the new Ducati Scrambler even more modern, integrating perfectly with the style of the bike and information display.


The Desmodue twin-cylinder engine is a key element of the Ducati Scrambler personality and has been revised in aesthetics. The new crankcase covers are immediately distinguishable by the X and the logo and has a more refined shape than the previous generation. The exhaust is new, with more essential lines that leave the engine more visible.

The Technique

The new Ducati Scrambler has been changed in its technical contents and lightened by 8.8 pounds, making the motorcycle easier to ride.

The chassis is all new with the frame remaining a trellis design that has been updated and lightened. The redesigned swingarm, repositioned shock absorber and engine updates have contributed to the overall weight reduction of the bike. The rear sub-frame is now easily removable without modifying the frame.

Riding improvements also come from a slightly increased steering angle that allows the rider to have more control over the bike. The wheels are a completely renewed design with 18 and 17 inches respectively at the front and rear.

The Desmodue engine, which has always been a distinctive element of the Ducati Scrambler, has been modernized and has a weight reduction of about 5.5 pounds. It has now been equipped with a new eight-disc clutch, which is softer in operation. The clutch is also more compact, which has made it possible to reduce the size of the right-hand cover and offer more space for the rider’s foot.

The new Scrambler is also equipped with a transmission shift drum mounted on bearings, which allows for smoother and more precise shifting. These evolutions contribute to an overall lightening that makes the new Ducati Scrambler the benchmark of the category.

Ducati Scrambler is more fun and safer thanks to the introduction of electronic management of the Ride by Wire throttle. This solution makes the engine response ready at every throttle position, but always progressive and easy to manage at all revs. It allows the adoption of Ducati Traction Control and two Riding Modes, Road and Wet. The latter is designed specifically for riding on wet surfaces, offering a smoother throttle response and a traction control calibration more oriented to stability and safety. The standard equipment is completed by ABS Cornering, which is essential for making riding even safer.

Ride by Wire also gives the new generation Desmodue engine the ability to install the Quick Shift up/down available as an accessory, offered as standard equipment on the Full Throttle.

The Ducati Multimedia System is available as an accessory, allowing riders to listen to music and make calls by connecting their smartphone.

The air-cooled two-valve twin-cylinder engine will have a maximum power output of 73 hp.

Ducati Scrambler Icon

The Icon model includes a new design of the tank with interchangeable covers, making it easier to express one’s personality through their motorcycle. In addition to the three standard colors (’62 Yellow, Thrilling Black and Ducati Red), an additional six are available as accessory kits that include tank covers, front and rear mudguards, headlamp covers and wheel tags to complete the customization.

Ducati 2023 Scrambler Icon.

The Icon features a revised handlebar that is lower and closer to the rider, allowing more control over the bike. The seat has been redesigned with a different, more tapered and streamlined shape. Completing the design of the new generation of the Icon are black under-seat side panels with Ducati Scrambler graphics.

The Ducati Scrambler Icon will arrive to U.S. and Canadian dealers in Spring 2023. U.S. pricing will begin at an MSRP of $10,995 and for Canada, pricing will start at an MSRP of $12,995 CAD.

Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle

The Full Throttle is the sportiest model of the Ducati Scrambler 2023 range, inspired by U.S. Flat Track competitions on dirt oval track. The side number plates have the number 62 (1962 was the debut year of the first Ducati Scrambler) in perfect Tracker style and with the sump guard, a decidedly grittier aesthetic is created.

Ducati 2023 Scrambler Full Throttle.

The dedicated saddle and livery underline the sporty character of the Full Throttle in Red GP19 / Dark Stealth. The equipment is completed by a shorter front mudguard, a tail without rear mudguard, red tags on the alloy wheels, homologated Termignoni silencer, Ducati Performance LED indicators and standard Quick Shift up/down.

With the variable section handlebar, the riding position can be changed, becoming sportier.

The Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle will arrive to U.S. and Canadian dealers in Spring 2023. U.S. pricing for the Scrambler Full Throttle will begin at $12,195. For Canada, the Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle will start at an MSRP of $14,095 CAD.

Ducati Scrambler Nightshift

The most elegant of the Scrambler models is the Nightshift which has been distinguished by classic and refined details. Like the Full Throttle, the Ducati Scrambler Nightshift features side number plates, a sporty front mudguard, the absence of a rear mudguard and compact LED indicators.

Ducati 2023 Scrambler Nightshift.

The Nebula Blue color scheme and spoked rims, now completely black, make the Nightshift decidedly sophisticated in terms of appearance. The look is completed – as on the previous generation model of the same name – with a flat-shaped, variable-section handlebar and bar-end mirrors in café racer style.

The Ducati Scrambler Nightshift will arrive to U.S. and Canadian dealers in Summer 2023. U.S. pricing for the Ducati Scrambler Nightshift will begin at $12,195. For Canada, the Ducati Scrambler Nightshift will start at an MSRP of $14,095 CAD.


To allow enthusiasts to express their personality, the Scrambler offers a wide choice of clothing and accessories. The accessories collection offers three options for the exhaust made by Termignoni. A homologated steel silencer with black finish is available to improve the sporty look, fitted as standard on Full Throttle.

Two options are available for those wanting to have fun off public roads, including a silencer option and a full exhaust option. For all three versions, it will be possible to choose the color of the contrasting line between the three shades of yellow, red or blue.

The catalog includes other accessories such as seats, tank covers, foot pegs, mirrors, fuel caps and soft bags.

The clothing is characterized by a casual, authentic style, which interprets the heritage style in a modern way. Garments are designed for both motorcycle and everyday use, blurring the line between technical and lifestyle.

The collection of technical garments includes the Downtown C1 trousers, the Company C4 Jeans, the Downtown C2 ankle boots and the Milestone collection.

The lifestyle collection offers a series of garments that aim to express the wearer’s personality, while confirming the sense of belonging to the Scrambler family. The Hybrid sweatshirt offered combines the concepts of a sweatshirt and a down jacket. There are many t-shirt, hoodie and cap designs included in the collection.

The presentation video of the new Ducati Scrambler models and all the original contents produced in the “Land of Joy” can be viewed on the Ducati YouTube channel and in the dedicated “Scrambler Media Box” section on the scramblerducati.com website.