Lightspeed data reveals Utility side-by-side accessory trends

The latest Lightspeed study for Powersports Business readers reveals the average amount of money that a consumer spends on accessories at the time of a Utility side-by-side purchase.

As always, Lightspeed’s data is about as real-time as it gets, with the study focusing on the sale of 14,000 new and pre-owned Utility side-by-sides between Aug. 1, 2021 and July 31, 2022. As always, the study only includes units where the VIN can be decoded to identify the exact make, model, product line, and segment. OEMs that do not provide specific VIN decoding were not included.

Lightspeed’s latest exclusive study for Powersports Business readers shows the average amount of money a consumer spends on accessories that are purchased at the time of the Utility side-by-side purchase.

The charts below shows the average dollars spent by region on installed accessories at the time of unit purchase for units that were sold with an accessory. 

There is a difference of $964 between the lowest and highest region regarding the average dollars spent on accessories.

Consumers in the West spent an average of $1,821 on accessories. In the Northeast, buyers spent an average of $1,595. California saw an average of $857 spent on accessories. The average amount spent on accessories in the South was $1,475. In the Midwest and Northwest, the average was $1,472 and $1,389, respectively. When you consider that the numbers above are averages, there have been some impressive P.O. tallies landing on the manager’s desk over the last year!

Is your dealership way out in front of these averages for your region? Has your dealership grown your average accessory sales at time of purchase in recent years? Let us know at

We’ll dig deeper into the Utility side-by-side study in an upcoming edition of the magazine.