Stark’s Varg electric off-road motorcycle breaks ground (video)

For a period of two weeks in northeastern Spain, the Stark Varg electric off-road motorcycle was unveiled, ridden and judged by media for the first time. Over 50 media from across the continents jetted into the city of Barcelona to test and to taste the future of our sport.

Brewer Cycles in North Carolina and Central Florida Powersports are among the dealerships who are promoting their partnership with the brand.

Here’s the inside scoop from Stark Future…

The gates to the MX Golf facility of Barcelona were firmly locked, except to a privileged gathering of writers, motocrossers, former racers and the technical team of Stark Future. Inside the hilly complex the fate of the off-road bike and motorcycle industry in general was being knocked out of the park.

MX Golf was six years in the making and was recently forced to temporarily close due to complaints over noise. There were no such issues with the very first public airing of the electric Stark VARG that was ridden by an assorted group of media specialists for over two weeks of activity.

The Stark Varg has already captured the attention of the public and the industry as a whole with more than 11,000 pre-orders for deliveries, starting in the fall of 2022. In Barcelona a small fleet of late-stage prototypes were trialled across the MX Golf motocross layout, a Supercross track and surrounding Enduro trails. The jury of riders was impressed by the incredible performance, the possibility to reduce power and adjust engine braking, the depth of agility, handling and feeling from the lightest offroad chassis ever created and the battery range that diminished by only a few percent after copious riding time in hot and sunny conditions. 

The Stark Varg is the world´s most technologically advanced motocross bike, and the company’s first model created to inspire the motorcycle industry to sustainability, by offering a product that is superior in performance and rider-experience to any gasoline-engine equivalent.

Josh Hill aboard the Stark Varg at the intro in Barcelona.

The verdicts rolled in on the bike’s power delivery and ease of use with aspects such as the minimal noise, zero emissions and premium design also gaining praises. The ability of the riders ranged from current pros such as Cedric Soubeyras and former Grand Prix campaigners like Martin Barr to road bikers and journos rediscovering the off-road vibe.

“It’s a proper game-changer. It’s more responsive than any dirt bike I’ve ever ridden,” commented UK specialist website DirtHub, with current pro racer Dylan Woodcock. “It’s amazing, so fast and way better than I thought it would be. Once you are used to the power then the sky’s the limit with this thing. It has a two-stroke and four-stroke vibe: the cornering of a two-stroke and the power of a four-stroke. I fell in love with it after lap one.”


Other comments from the initial Stark Varg roll-out:

Gypsy Tales (Australia): “If I had to describe the Stark Varg in one word then it would be futuristic…just imagine where we can go and ride on this thing.”

LeBig USA: “We are about to have a turnover in our sport…and Stark are the ones that will make this happen,”

Enduro21 (UK): “We were riding the 60hp version and there will be an 80hp…but for sure we did not need the 80!”

Rust Sports (UK): “It’s fun – if not more fun – riding the bike than I thought it was going to be and it is the best handling motocross bike I have ever ridden.”

Swapmoto (USA): “The bike is exceptional for how new it is. We came to Spain a little sceptical, but the Varg surpassed all of our expectations. It is a simple motorcycle to ride and to ride well. We think it will make a big splash.”

Insella (Italy): “We haven’t seen anything like this in terms of technology and I honestly think it is a historic day when a bike like this comes to market.”