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ATV Safety Institute launches free updated training ecourses

The ATV Safety Institute has launched new online courses that offer riders of all ages courses to learn important safe-riding strategies and techniques for free. These courses, combined with hands-on training, offer new riders the best way to get started. For those already riding, the courses will serve as a great source of information.

Both courses — Coaching Young Riders and the ATV eCourse — are available on the ATV Safety Institute website. Free hands-on training is available with every new vehicle purchased and Spanish language versions will be available in early summer.

“Riding an ATV expands how you can enjoy the outdoors, but it takes skills and safe-riding techniques to get the most out of your ride,” says Scott Schloegel, acting president and CEO of the ATV Safety Institute. “This is why we encourage every rider to take our free online courses, and the corresponding hands-on course before they get out on the trails. You will learn safe-riding practices and understand the importance of wearing proper safety gear. These new ATV eCourses and the hands-on training are also the best preparation for anyone needing to use ATVs for work.”

ATV eCourse  — required before taking the hands-on course

This course is the best place for all riders to start on their path to understanding ATVs and safe riding strategies. In addition, completing this ATV eCourse is required to participate in the ATV Safety Institute’s ATV RiderCourse hands-on training session. The eCourse includes videos, pictures, and interactive activities to make for a fun and effective learning experience. During the course, users take progress quizzes and receive a certificate upon successful completion. It takes approximately two hours to complete, which is a small commitment to ensure riders, their family, and fellow riders stay safe on the trails. The course can be stopped at any point and the progress will be saved.

Coaching Young Riders — recommended course for parents of younger ATV enthusiasts

This recommended course, which is not a pre-requisite for the ATV Safety Institute’s hands-on course, is designed for parents and caregivers supervising younger ATV riders, so they can learn the most effective ways to keep children safe. Adults and youth should take the course together for the best results. The course is free and completion does not meet eligibility requirements to take the hands-on training (all students who plan to take our hands-on course must take the ATV eCourse). This course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

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