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Beta unveils 2025 Xtrainer and RR X-Pro models

As the Beta Xtrainer begins its eleventh year of production, it is celebrated with a stunning new look featuring grey bodywork to compliment the Italian red frame. The new look separates it from its cousins, the RR X-Pro and RR Race Edition models.

The Xtrainer offers greater ease of riding than larger, bulkier enduro models. The bike’s smaller chassis, low seat height, and overall weight make it ideal for entry-level enduro riding and for those wanting a second bike for play.

The Beta Xtrainer begins its eleventh year of production and is celebrated with a stunning new look featuring grey bodywork to compliment the Italian red frame. Photos courtesy of Beta

The power from the liquid-cooled engine is almost electric-like, providing a seamless power delivery that has just the right amount of power and torque. “Rideability” has been Beta’s tagline for over fifteen years, and the 2025 Xtrainer is its poster child. The Xtrainer’s lower seat height provides the rider with more confidence.


  • Chassis: Lighter and more compact package compared to a full-size Enduro bike, the Xtrainer is designed for riders of all skill levels.
  • Seat height: Lower seat height ensures confidence.
  • Brakes: Same brake package as RR models, Nissin, with discs measuring 260 mm at the front and 240 mm at the rear.
  • Battery: lightweight high-performance lithium
  • Fork and Shock: single-track inspired R16V suspension with 43mm tubes up front and a shock with linkage at the rear. The front fork offers adjustable spring preload and overall rebound dampening. The rear shock has adjustments for spring preload, compression, and rebound dampening.
  • Electric Start: Precise and reliable, essential when restarting the bike in tricky situations. An optional back-up kick starter is available.
  • Beta Progressive Valve: the Beta progressive exhaust valve can be adjusted externally by the rider allowing the engine’s performance to be altered depending on riding conditions.
  • Ignition Map switch with handlebar button: Two positions, (Sun or Rain) which adjusts the engine power as needed. Sun mode is the quicker engine map. The rain mode slows down the engine by roughly 20% for improved traction and control in wet conditions.
  • Fuel Tank: transparent tank with a 2.3 gallon capacity.
  • Oil Injection: With an oil tank below the seat, allowing riders to do away with premix as the system provides automation oiling for the engine. To further simplify things, the seat can be removed with the push of a button.
  • Soft Tires: Their soft compound and aggressive design guarantee grip in every situation, the rider benefiting from responses that are less twitchy with respect to a tire with a stiffer carcass
  • Cooling Fan: A cooling fan is mounted as standard equipment on all Xtrainer models to ensure the engine always maintains the ideal running temperature, even on slower trails.
  • Engine and Clutch: “Easy-Pull” diaphragm clutch with three different settings that allow the rider to adjust the lever feel and progression to his or her liking.
  • Electronic Key/Safety System: Provides a safety system that prevents theft with a unique coded key that also has a tether to be used as a safety shutoff when worn around the rider’s wrist.

The 2025 Beta Xtrainer will be available in August with an MSRP of $8,499.

2025 RR X-Pro Models

After twenty years of production, the Beta RR models have been transformed into a new breed of enduro bikes, and the all-new range of 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke models are known as RR X-Pro. Not to be confused with the older brother Race Edition models, the X-Pro models offer the enduro rider a large range of features and benefits suited for trail riding of all disciplines. Eight RR X-Pro models are available, including the 125, 200, 250, and 300 2-Stroke models and the 350, 390, 430, and 480 4-Stroke models.

Solely designed to take on the toughest trails, features of these models include a new frame, a 20mm lower seat height, an all-new single spring front fork, elastomeric handlebar mounts, a coolant overflow reservoir, and a rescue strap on the front fender. Topping off the list of changes is all-new plastic that will set the bike apart from the others. 

As always, the range includes eight different models to cater to the needs of a very diverse spectrum of riders. The standard line of RR models is designed for the casual rider looking for performance without the harshness of the race bike feel while casually trail riding – a feature that Beta feels is sometimes overlooked.

The all-new ZF SHC front fork is lighter than earlier standard RR models and is designed using one spring on the right-side tube that includes a preload adjuster while all of the fork compression and rebound dampening is handled on the left side. This single spring design is perfect for heavy enduro use, providing the rider with a more “planted” feeling while riding. It also allows the fork to react quicker than other designs due to less overall friction. Complimenting the front fork are the isoelastic handlebar mounts from XTrig, these mounts reduce vibration and rider fatigue. The rear shock is also new with updated valve settings that match the all-new SHC front fork.

A new frame design has been adopted from the RR Race Edition and RX models. This frame provides a larger backbone that is stronger than previous models and provides improved control through less flex. Along with the new frame, a new Nissin rear brake master cylinder has been added to provide improved rear brake performance. This new reservoir holds a larger volume of fluid which helps cool the system down under extreme braking.

RR X-Pro models have a distinct look with new bodywork, a newly designed front headlight mask, new sleek tank panels, and finished with a new rear fender. New graphics top off the stunning look of the range.


  • ZF SHC Front Fork: Single-sided spring, fully adjustable for preload, compression, and rebound dampening. Weight reduction of more than 250 grams.
  • ZF rear Shock: Redesigned and matched with the SHC front fork. Provides a better overall balance of suspension and rideability. A progressive linkage improves handling.
  • Lower Seat Height: 20mm lower than 2024 RR models, newly designed seat shape as well as a softer foam for longer, more comfortable rides. 
  • Frame: Similar in design to the RR Race Edition and RX models, larger backbone for durability and less overall flex.
  • Rear Brake Master Cylinder: Larger volume of fluid over previous models to reduce heat during extreme braking.
  • Handlebar Mounts: XTrig FlexFix isoelastic bar mounts to reduce rider fatigue and vibration.
  • Map switch: Two positions to adjust the engine power delivery to the type of conditions. (wet or dry) Now mounted on the handlebar pad.
  • Electronic Oil Injection: (2-Stroke 200, 250, and 300) An oil tank is located beneath the seat (which is easily opened at the touch of a button), it does away with the need for the oil-fuel premix.
  • Traction Control: (4-Stroke models only) The added feature of traction control at the touch of a button. Enhances traction in first and second gear in difficult terrain.
  • Electronic Key: Provides a safety system that prevents theft with a unique coded key that also has a tether to be used as a safety shutoff when worn around the rider’s wrist.
  • Coolant Recovery Tank: Reduces loss of coolant in extreme riding conditions.
  • All-New Body Design: New headlight mask, fuel tank panels, and rear fender to set the bike apart from the other model range.
  • Graphics: A stunning look that wears the Italian Red color matched with subtle lines.
  • Front Rescue Strap: To aid when needing to lift the front wheel out of a difficult section.

Other Features

  • Electric starter: precise and reliable, essential when restarting the bike in tricky situations. A backup kick-starter is sold as an option.
  • Clutch: “Light-Pull” diaphragm clutch has three settings for adjustment of lever pull and progressiveness.               
  • Battery: Lithium battery provides quick starts as well as reduced weight.
  • Electrics: Headlight and taillight with a meter that includes hours of use, trip meter, speed, and more.
  • Fuel Tank: Translucent so the fuel level can be easily monitored.
  • Skid Plate: A plastic skid plate reduces engine noise and is formed to the frame for better ground clearance.
  • Graphics: The bike’s design is enhanced with new graphics similar to those on the RR models, which provide the characteristic Beta red in its dominant fashion. 


125 RR 2 Stroke: $8,599.00
200 RR 2 Stroke: $9,499.00
250 RR 2 Stroke: $9,699.00
300 RR 2 Stroke: $9,899.00
350 RR 4 Stroke: $10,299.00
390 RR 4 Stroke: $10,399.00
430 RR 4 Stroke: $10,499.00
480 RR 4 Stroke: $10,599.00  

Available in August from Beta Motorcycle dealerships.


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