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Wolverine X2 1000 – who is the customer?

Yamaha has unveiled the Wolverine X2 1000, designed to reach a new market – anyone who is looking for an affordable machine that offers comfort, versatility, and some of those must-have features that make riding that much easier and that much more enjoyable.

Yamaha brought us to Taylorsville, North Carolina, not just to tell us, but to let us experience what the Wolverine X2 1000 offers. And they picked the perfect trail system to showcase how well the Wolverine navigates technical terrain as it stays up to speed on tight trails.

After speaking with ATV and SxS Testing Manager Pat Biolsi, it was evident that the Yamaha team did their research to determine which features absolutely had to be included on the new model in order to appeal to their targeted customer base.

Who is the Wolverine X2 1000 customer? The model is aimed to satisfy a demographic that will want something less work-focused than the Yamaha Viking, and less recreation-focused than the Yamaha RMAX2 1000. Basically, Yamaha has met the demand of customers looking for a model that offers more than the Wolverine X2 850 but is not as costly as the RMAX2 1000.

Yamaha dealers will find that customers who prioritize a value price point, suspension specs, interior comfort, unit size, and tire package will show interest in this model. Customers who are looking for a unit for recreational use will value the X2 1000’s versatile capabilities and compact size. And like any powersports enthusiast, the value of the 1,000cc engine will not go unnoticed either.

According to Yamaha, X2 1000 owners will prioritize durability, suspension, a selectable 4WD system, brand reputation, and driver comfort. Look for more details about how Yamaha has designed the X2 1000 to meet these needs in the next edition of the magazine.

The Yamaha Wolverine X2 1000 is aimed to satisfy a demographic that will want something less work focused than the Yamaha Viking, and less recreation focused than the Yamaha RMAX2 1000. Photo courtesy of Yamaha

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