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Yamaha motorcycle models receive Red Dot Design Awards

Yamaha has shared that its MT-09 and XMAX300 motorcycle models have won an international Red Dot Award: Product Design 2024. Since 2012, Yamaha Motor products have won Red Dot Design Awards.

The award-winning MT-09 is the fourth generation of the road sport model, originally launched in 2013. The 2024 model allows riders to enjoy riding more freely, with a concentrated form integrated from the front mask to the fuel tank and tail. Every detail is made up of technology and designs close to the rider’s senses, from the handlebar switches that support intuitive operation to the acoustic amplifier grille that conveys the sound of the intake air.

Yamaha MT-09
Yamaha MT-09

Since its launch in 2006, the XMAX has established itself as Europe’s leading city commuter for 18 years and is now being developed as a global model. The award-winning 2023 model focuses on the relationship between man and machine while enhancing the dynamism, convenience and comfort that are the hallmarks of the XMAX. The functional elements of the front fork and engine unit’s power delivery, equivalent to those of a sports bike, are visualized in the tight silhouette, expressing an attractive sense of vitality. In terms of convenience, the space efficiency under the seat has been thoroughly reviewed, with a seat shape that improves leg room and fit, still providing storage capacity for two full-face helmets.

Yamaha XMAX300

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