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BMW reveals 2024 F motorcycle models

BMW Motorrad has introduced the new 2024 BMW F 800 GS, F 900 GS and F 900 GS Adventure models. The models have been redesigned to heighten the mid-range segments by focusing on the riders’ needs with more features and equipment.

The F 800 GS is the ideal entry-level model with a new, more powerful motor and new standard equipment. The F 900 GS is a brand-new motorcycle with a greater focus on off-road experiences through a significant reduction in weight, more power and more equipment. The F 900 GS Adventure is the perfect companion for short and long-distance touring, both on and off-road.

Highlights for all models

  • New 895 cc parallel-twin engine with counterbalance shafts.
  • F 800 GS – 87 hp at 6,750 rpm and 67 lb-ft of torque at 6,750 rpm.
  • F 900 GS – 105 hp at 8,500 rpm and 68.6 lb-ft of torque at 6,750 rpm.
  • Over 30 lb weight reduction (F 900 GS).
  • Active Knock Control allows for wider range of fuels without performance loss.
  • Standard Akrapovič Sport Muffler (F 900 GS).
  • Standard two riding modes (Rain and Road) plus ABS Pro and DTC.
  • Optional Ride Modes Pro adds Enduro and Enduro Pro modes.
  • Optional DBC Engine drag torque control.
  • Trellis steel frame.
  • Standard full LED lighting.
  • 6.5-inch TFT display with Connectivity.
  • Optional Intelligent Emergency Call
  • Optional Keyless Ride.
  • Optional Enduro Pro Package (F 900 models).
  • Standard Heated Grips.
  • Standard Hand Protection
  • Standard Luggage Carrier for Vario Cases (F 800 GS).
  • Standard Luggage Rack (F 900 GS Adventure)
  • Adjustable shift lever for greater usability during off-road riding.


The 2-cylinder in-line engine already used in the BMW F 900 R and F 900 XR with 895 cc (previously 853 cc) capacity delivers more performance for the models thanks to significantly increased output. In the F 900 GS and F 900 GS Adventure, it generates 105 hp at 8,500 rpm (previously 95 hp) and has a maximum torque of 68.6 lb-ft at 6,750 rpm (previously: 67.8 lb-ft). In the F 800 GS an output of 87 hp is available at 6,750 rpm (previously 77 hp) as well as 67 lb-ft at 6,750 rpm (previously 61 lb-ft).

Compared to the predecessor models, output and torque have been increased and the torque curve is now significantly greater over the entire speed range. This results in noticeably more pulling power and faster acceleration.

2024 BMW F 800 GS model

The increase in output and fuller torque were achieved by increasing the engine capacity by enlarging the cylinder bore by 2 mm to 86 mm with a stroke of 77 mm. In addition, the cylinder heads were updated, and new forged pistons (previously cast pistons) were used. The engine, with a compression of 13.1:1, now has a crankshaft with crankshaft journals offset by 90 degrees and a 270/450 degree firing interval. This is accompanied by a particularly powerful sound similar to that of a 90-degree V-twin engine. This sound experience is rounded off by a stainless-steel exhaust system. The new F 900 GS also comes with a standard Akrapovič sport rear muffler which saves 3.7 pounds in weight compared to the muffler on the predecessor model.

Two counterweight shafts, one in front of and one behind the crankshaft, eliminate unwanted vibrations. To prevent undesirable churning losses and to ensure maximum operational safety, the engine has a dry sump lubrication system that does not require a separate engine oil tank.

Camshafts, knock control and the clutch

Two overhead camshafts driven by a toothed chain rotate in the cylinder head and operate four valves per cylinder via lightweight and therefore speed-resistant cam followers.

To cover a wider range of available fuel qualities, the new F 800 GS, F 900 GS, and F 900 GS Adventure are equipped with cylinder-selective knock control. The revised oxygen sensor, together with the catalytic converter, ensures more efficient and effective exhaust gas control and allows for a greater range of fuel use without loss of performance.

The clutch is designed as a self-reinforcing anti-hopping clutch (oil bath clutch). It ensures low operating forces on the adjustable clutch lever and increases riding safety by reducing the engine drag torque – especially when braking and downshifting at the same time.

For fast up and down-shifting of the six-speed transmission without having to use the clutch, BMW Motorrad offers Gear Shift Assist Pro as an option.

Riding modes, DTC and Engine Drag Torque Control


The new F 800 GS, F 900 GS, and F 900 GS Adventure offer two standard riding modes: “Rain” and “Road”. Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), which ensures a high level of riding safety, is also standard.

The new F models can be equipped with optional Riding Modes Pro. It includes the additional riding modes “Dynamic” and “Enduro” as well as “Enduro Pro” for the F 900 GS and F 900 GS Adventure. Riding Modes Pro also allows the rider to pre-select up to four riding modes for the button assignment on the right-hand handlebar controls. Engine Drag Torque Control is a further new component of Riding Modes Pro.


The new F 800 GS, F 900 GS and F 900 GS Adventure rely on a trellis frame made of deep-drawn sheet steel parts welded together, which integrates the 2-cylinder in-line engine as a load-bearing element. The bolted-on steel rear frame makes it possible to create a visually short and slim rear end. The 3.8-gallon plastic tank of the new F 900 GS is a completely new development saving 9.9 pounds of weight compared to the steel fuel tank of the previous model.

The new F 900 GS features a completely redesigned rear section which makes it look even more dynamic and saves around 5.3 pounds of weight. The luggage carrier of the F 900 GS allows the customer to attach soft bags, rucksacks or an aluminum case system from the original BMW Motorrad accessories range using various attachment options. The case holder has been designed so that it can be assembled and disassembled with little effort.

The new F 900 GS and F 900 GS Adventure feature new, fully adjustable, 43 mm Showa upside-down forks. The suspension travel is 9.1 inches. Depending on the area of use and individual needs, both the rebound and compression damping as well as the spring preload can be adjusted manually. As before, the F 800 GS uses 41 mm front forks with 6.7 inches of suspension travel.

The rear wheels are controlled by a double-sided aluminum swing arm in conjunction with a directly linked central shock. The swing arm has been modified for the new F 900 GS and is 0.5 pounds lighter than in the predecessor model. In addition to a hydraulically adjustable spring base (“spring preload”), the central shock also features adjustable rebound damping.

For the new BMW F 800 GS, F 900 GS, and F 900 GS Adventure, the suspension travel is 8.5 inches (F 900 GS and F 900 GS Adventure) and 6.7 inches (F 800 GS).

The optional Enduro Package Pro is offered for the new F 900 GS. The package includes sport suspension with Showa forks, a rear shock from ZF Sachs, black tubular handlebars with 0.9-inch handlebar risers using a forged aluminum part and the particularly wear-resistant M Endurance chain.

The upside-down forks of the Enduro Package Pro are adjustable with regard to rebound and compression as well as spring preload and offer more rigidity than their standard counterparts, all within a 2 mm larger slider tube diameter. At the same time, they save 0.4 pounds in weight. For the first time, BMW Motorrad offers titanium nitride-coated slider tubes in “Dark Navy Blue” on these upside-down forks. The titanium nitride coating ensures even more sensitive response behavior and optimized protection against damage thanks to the reduced breakaway torque between the slider tube and the fixed tube.

Compared to the standard shock, the ZF Sachs central shock with reservoir offers a 25 percent wider adjustment range and 20 percent more damping. The wider setting range is accompanied by significantly increased protection against bottoming out as well as increased temperature stability. In this way, a wide range of use is achieved between very sporty off-road use with a tight set-up and more leisurely off-road riding with a soft set-up.

The shock is manually adjustable. Spring preload, high-speed compression and rebound are conveniently and easily accessible and can be adjusted without tools. Only adjusting the low-speed compression requires a screwdriver.

Optional Dynamic ESA

Ride comfort and touring and passenger suitability of the 800 and 900 can be enhanced even further with the optional BMW Motorrad Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment). Dynamic ESA improves riding safety, performance and comfort, as the damping of the rear shock is automatically adjusted to the riding conditions. Dynamic ESA does not work as a stand-alone system but communicates with the other control systems such as ABS Pro and DTC.

An alternative to Dynamic ESA, as part of the Premium Package, is Low Suspension which lowers seat height by 2.2 or 2.8 inches, depending on model.

ABS Pro and DBC

The front twin disc brakes with BMW Motorrad ABS Pro provides stable deceleration and a single-disc brake is used on the rear wheel.

ABS Pro offers more safety when braking in turns by enabling ABS-assisted braking when leaning into corners. ABS Pro prevents the wheels from locking even when the brakes are applied quickly and reduces abrupt changes in steering force and thus the bike from returning to the upright position, even during sudden braking.

Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) increases safety when braking by preventing the throttle from being activated unintentionally. As soon as the sensor cluster supplies a certain deceleration value during braking, any simultaneous desire to accelerate on the part of the rider is detected as implausible and throttle valve opening is suppressed. This keeps the motorcycle stable and shortens the braking distance. After a certain delay, the hazard warning lights are turned on automatically.


Sophisticated ergonomics and numerous available seat heights make the models suitable for everyone. For particularly easy accessibility, low suspension is available.

The increased off-road capabilities of the new F 900 GS are expressed by the ergonomic triangle (handlebar – seat – footrests). The handlebars of the new F 900 GS are now positioned 0.6 inches higher than on the previous model. The height can be increased by a further 0.9 inches via the Enduro Package Pro. In addition, the now standard Enduro footrests are positioned 0.8 inches lower, which, in conjunction with the higher handlebar position and the new design of the fuel tank, offers particular advantages when riding standing up on rough terrain.

All three new models are equipped with an adjustable gearshift lever. This is adjustable in height and length in two positions and enables a variable position for road and off-road boots or for standing or seated riding. In conjunction with an optimized bearing and new gearshift lever kinematics, it was also possible to make shifting the six-speed transmission even easier.

The F 900 GS also features a new foot brake lever. It is positioned 0.2 inches higher and is now easier to reach in conjunction with the lower footrests. In addition, accessibility benefits from a further 0.8 inches when the folding surface piece is folded down.


“The new GS models in the F series offer high-quality standard equipment features such as LED headlight and turning indicators and perfectly readable 6.5-inch TFT displays with a wealth of connectivity options,” says Christian Geis, project manager, GS Models F-Series.

TFT display

The new F Series GS models are equipped with a standard, large 6.5-inch TFT display which is linked to the multi-controller on the left-hand handlebar panel. It offers screen displays tailored to the Enduro world as standard. Additional displays are added with the optional Riding Modes Pro.

If a smartphone and a helmet with a communication system are connected via the TFT display using Bluetooth, the rider can easily access media playback and telephone functions. These functions can be used without installing an app. If there is an active Bluetooth connection to a standard smartphone, the rider can listen to music while riding.

The free BMW Motorrad Connected app offers practical arrow navigation directly via the TFT display. T

Optional Intelligent Emergency Call

An eCall system is available on the new models which aims to get help to the scene of the incident as quickly as possible. After being automatically or manually activated, the intelligent emergency call sends the position data and thus the coordinates of the accident location from the motorcycle in the event of an emergency situation or accident and activates the rescue chain via the qualified BMW Call Center. eCall requires a mobile phone connection to activate the emergency chain.

Keyless Ride

The optional Keyless Ride system replaces the conventional ignition-steering lock. The steering lock, ignition, fuel filler flap and accessory anti-theft alarm system are controlled by means of a transponder integrated in the motorcycle key, which transmits a radio signal with a vehicle-specific frequency. The key can remain in the rider’s jacket or pants pocket.


The new BMW F 900 GS has been completely redesigned and is 30.8 pounds lighter. New, close-fitting tank side panels, together with a new radiator trim, give the new F 900 GS a sleek, sporty and off-road-oriented look. At the same time, new frame trim (featuring the GS logo) helps the rider maintain optimum leg contact with the new F 900 GS, especially when riding off-road in a standing position. The new model features the short GS beak fender underneath the new, compact headlight and the typical GS flyline that stretches over the tank and the sporty seat to the rear.

The off-road ambitions of the new F 900 GS are highlighted by the standard hand protectors. In the Style GS Trophy variant, an additional metal bracket and a newly designed plastic panel ensure significantly improved protection for the rider’s hands and the controls in the event of impacts or falls, especially in off-road use. The front section features an enduro-style windshield. With a reduced shape, it provides sufficient wind and weather protection and prevents annoying helmet turbulence when riding in the seated position and offers protection from dirt and dust for the rider and controls when riding standing off-road. A higher Dakar-style windshield for even better wind and weather protection with less helmet noise is available as an original BMW Motorrad accessory.

BMW F 800 GS

In the Base Style, the new F 800 GS is delivered in Light White solid paint with radiator trim and fuel tank center cover painted in Light White. Black handlebars and a black/blue seat with embroidered GS lettering provide an exciting contrast with embroidered GS lettering.

The new F 800 GS in “Style Sport” showcases its dynamic qualities in Racing Blue with Light White radiator trim and a Racing Blue fuel tank center cover.  A clear windshield adds a sporty touch, while silver handlebars and a black and red seat with embroidered GS lettering add to the sporty GS feeling.

The “Style Triple Black” in Black Storm Metallic (also used on the fuel tank center cover) with Mineral Grey Matte Metallic radiator trim, the new F 800 GS emphasizes its purposeful look. Dynamic touches are the silver handlebars and a black-grey seat with embroidered GS lettering.

2024 BMW F 800 GS

BMW F 900 GS

The new F 900 GS is available in a Base Black Storm Metallic with the fuel tank cover painted in Mineral Grey Matte Metallic. The black-coated fixed fork tubes, black rear frame, black wheel rims and a black seat with red contrasting elements harmonize with this. The radiator panels in Black Storm with GS logo provide a contrasting accent.

The optional “Style Passion” variant makes a sporty statement in São Paulo Yellow solid paint. Black-coated wheels and forks give it an athletic touch. The bike’s dynamic look is enhanced by the red rear frame as well as radiator trim, fuel tank side covers and fork slider tube cover in vehicle color with black/red graphics.

The sportiest “Style GS Trophy” version combines Light White solid paint, Racing Blue Matte Metallic and Racing Red. The new F 900 GS emphasizes its off-road character with aluminum brackets for the hand protectors, an aluminum engine guard, black fork tubes and the black seat (also with red contrasts). Sporty touches are provided by gold wheel rims and a white rear frame. The fuel tank side covers and radiator trim in Light White solid paint as well as the front fender are highlighted with graphics in BMW colors of blue/red on a white background.

BMW F 900 GS models

BMW F 900 GS Adventure

The new F 900 GS Adventure is available in the Base Style of Black Storm Metallic (also used on the fuel tank center cover) with a newly designed radiator trim and GS logo in White Aluminum. Black components such as the engine, fixed fork tubes, wheel rims and a black-grey comfort seat blend in harmoniously.

The new F 900 G Adventure in “Style Ride Pro” in White Aluminum Matte signals a spirit of adventure and long-distance travel qualities. Together with the new radiator trim with the GS logo in White Aluminum (also used on the fuel tank center cover) as well as a black-grey comfort seat, the new F 900 GS Adventure looks sporty and stylish.

BMW F 900 GS Adventure models
  • MSRP $10,495 plus Destination for F 800 GS.
  • MSRP $13,495 plus Destination for F 900 GS.
  • MSRP $14,195 plus Destination for F 900 GS Adventure.
  • Estimated Market launch early Q2 2024.

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