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Segway Villain named ‘New UTV of the Year’ by DirtWheels magazine

It was recently announced the Segway Villain has secured the prestigious “New UTV of the Year” award from DirtWheels magazine. The accolade reflects the UTV’s outstanding performance, cutting-edge design, and innovative features that have captured the attention of both enthusiasts and experts alike. Its industry-leading technology, combined with a reliable engine and advanced suspension system, set the Villain apart in a very competitive landscape.

“We spent two days putting the Segways through their paces in the Mojave Desert earlier in the year… To be honest, we were hesitant about Segway’s quality and performance since the Villain was first unveiled a couple of years back. It turns out that the company did its homework and not only brought to market a unique-looking vehicle, but it performed as well as the competition. The Seaway Villain will turn heads, and from what we’ve learned so far, it should do so with years of trouble-free enjoyment,” DirtWheels magazine editors state.

Over the past four decades, DirtWheels magazine has played a pivotal role in shaping and influencing the off-road industry. As a leading publication dedicated to the off-road industry, DirtWheels has been a trusted source of information, reviews, and insights for off-road enthusiasts.

Gabriel Cruz, marketing director of Segway Powersports, comments: “This achievement is a testament to Segway’s relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries to deliver groundbreaking solutions to our customers. Winning this accolade not only validates our commitment to innovation but also reinforces our position as a leader in the powersports industry.”

Winning the New UTV of the Year award marks a significant milestone for Segway in the powersports industry. (Photo: Segway, YouTube)

Cruz says the recognition from DirtWheels magazine highlights the brand’s commitment to delivering reliable and innovative products, making the Villain a force to be reckoned with on and off the trails.

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