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Part Smart releases Honda catalogs to Canadian dealers

Part Smart and Part Stream announced that the Honda Power Equipment, Marine and Powersports catalogs are now available to Canadian dealers.

Part Smart’s George Houle says the catalogs will feature exclusively Canadian data, which will include Canadian models and variants, as well as country-specific part and price file information.

Houle recently performed a live webinar for dealers; the webinar was recorded and can be located on the ARI Network Services YouTube channel.

Part Smart has released its latest Honda catalog to Canadian dealers, enabling instant access to part and price information as well as the e-commerce platform Part Stream.

A bulletin was recently sent to all Canadian Honda dealers (bulletin number is 23-012). This bulletin was released on July 5, 2023, in English as well as French.

Part Smart 10 Next Gen is the newest version of Part Smart and is now fully web-based, giving dealers instant access to the latest part and price information, as well as the newest models released, according to Houle. Part Stream is the e-commerce platform and tool that allows dealers to sell parts online while using a non-ARI or Dealer Spike-backed platform.

Current Part Smart/Part Stream customers who wish to add the Honda Powersports, Marine, or Power Equipment catalog to their current subscription can reach out to Part Smart directly.

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