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Salesperson achieves goal to sell 50 units in one month

Michael Kamrad, a sales consultant at Simply Ride in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, has sold motorcycles for over 25 years and recently broke his monthly sales record. He set a goal three years ago to sell 50 motorcycles in one month and proudly accomplished this in March of this year.

“I’ve hit 48, I’ve hit 49 twice and yet this 50 has always alluded me up until March of this year,” he says. “My life changed about three years ago when I got out of a motorcycle club. I was a patch holder in a motorcycle club. I got out of club life and got my life back again. It was at that point I decided to focus my intention on my job and crushing goals.”

Michael Kamrad of Simply Ride
Michael Kamrad, a sales consultant at Simply Ride in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, has sold motorcycles for over 25 years and recently met his goal to sell 50 motorcycles in one month. Photo courtesy of Simply Ride

Kamrad credits his success to following the sales process, sharing product knowledge, planning and staying consistent. “It’s a constant working of the sales process. And then product knowledge is such a huge thing to being successful.” He also laughs, “Long hair and mustache; I don’t look like a car salesman.”

He says that he communicates with customers with the same amount of care that an owner would have, and he makes them happy by treating them as he would want to be treated.

“My favorite part of being in sales is, when I do my job right, I’m not really working… It’s the satisfaction of achieving goals. The only way you can be successful in this industry is to make and set and strive for your goals. Otherwise, I never would have hit 50 at all. It’s planning and making and following through with your goals.”

In the last three years, Kamrad has sold 264, 272 and 294 motorcycles. His next goal is to sell 300 motorcycles in one year.

“If I was at any other dealership besides Simply Ride and the way that they have their dealership set up to bring in motorcycles for us to sell and then move that product, I would have never hit this goal,” he says. “The dealership has allowed me the opportunity to do that.”

Kamrad has an Engineering degree, and six months after he graduated from college, he interviewed for a motorcycle sales position. “They hired me the next day. My whole life had been motorcycling up until
then, even before changing careers. At that time, I literally threw away my college degree and started selling motorcycles and never looked back.”

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