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Honda reveals MY24 motorcycle updates and MY25 returning SxS

Honda has announced updates to three of its 2024 model-year 500cc on-road motorcycles, the adventure-ready NX500 (formerly known as the CB500X), the sporty CBR500R and the CB500F naked bike. Also returning for MY25 is the Pioneer 700.

The NX500 is the perfect gateway to adventure riding, and for 2024 it makes strides in performance while shedding weight. Improvements to the chassis, suspension, engine and electronics contribute to an improved on- and off-road package. For riders who prioritize performance on the pavement, the sport CBR500R and naked CB500F also benefit from numerous upgrades, most notably redesigned bodywork and a superior electronic interface.

“Honda’s midsize lineup remains a core focus for the company, as these models suit a wide range of riders, in terms of skill levels and preferred riding experience,” says Colin Miller, assistant manager of Public Relations at American Honda. “The advancements made with the NX500, CBR500R and CB500F are aimed at enhancing the experience for all riders, from casual commuters to lifelong enthusiasts. We’re confident that each of these bikes will remain at the forefront of its respective category and continue to deliver memorable rides for years to come.”


The letters NX have a long history with Honda, thanks to the 1988-1989 NX650 adventure bike. NX means “New X-over,” which describes the NX500, the former CB500X. Whether on a winding road or a gravel trail, the machine’s all-around credentials are reinforced with an update to its adventure styling. The wheels are lighter, and the suspension settings have been upgraded to improve ride quality. The slipper-clutch-equipped twin-cylinder engine also benefits from the addition of Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC).

Color: Matte Black Metallic

MSRP: $7,399

2024 Honda NX500
2024 Honda NX500


A longtime hit with customers looking for performance, enjoyment and approachability, Honda’s twin-cylinder midsize sport bike gets an important refresh for the 2024 model year. Among the improvements are sharp, Fireblade-inspired styling (including a new fairing with winglets that improve handling), new LED headlights and a new 5-inch TFT display that offers Honda Selectable Torque Control to deliver peace of mind in slippery conditions.

Colors: Grand Prix Red and Matte Black Metallic

MSRP: $7,399

2024 Honda CBR500R


The 2024 CB500F features aggressive new styling that yields aerodynamic benefits and a new 5-inch TFT display and Honda Selectable Torque Control that enhance the riding experience. Offering smooth power delivery and a narrow, lightweight chassis design, the CB500F welcomes new enthusiasts as it maintains a nimble character that riders of any skill level can appreciate.

Color: Matte Black Metallic

MSRP: $6,899

2024 Honda CB500F

Pioneer 700

For the 2025 model year, the Pioneer 700 continues the legacy of versatility and reliability. Some versions receive new colors, with the Pioneer 700 Forest and Pioneer 700-4 Forest now offered in TrueTimber Atera Camo, resulting from an extensive, powersports-exclusive brand partnership between Honda and the popular camouflage brand.

“The Pioneer platform continues to prove its capability, everywhere from the job site to the trailhead,” says Miller. “The Pioneer 700 consistently punches above its weight classes, delivering workhorse performance that our customers rely on day in and day out. Plus, Honda’s new partnership with TrueTimber presents a perfect opportunity to offer these machines with a fresh new aesthetic.”

2025 Honda Pioneer 700-4 Forest TrueTimber Atera Camo

The Pioneer 700 represents the midpoint of Honda’s rec/utility side-by-side lineup, balancing capable power and torque for the toughest jobs with quick handling and maneuverability in tight quarters. Built for both work and play, this machine’s range of versatility is expanded by the three available trim levels (each of which is offered in two- and four-seat configurations) and a large collection of accessories. New for the 2025 model year, the Forest trim level comes in TrueTimber Atera camo. From long days on the ranch to memorable outings on the trail, the Pioneer 700 platform delivers well-rounded performance and capability.


  • Pioneer 700-4 Forest: TrueTimber Atera Camo
  • Pioneer 700-4 Deluxe: Black Forest Green
  • Pioneer 700-4: Hero Red
  • Pioneer 700 Forest: TrueTimber Atera Camo
  • Pioneer 700 Deluxe: Hero Red; Black Forest Green
  • Pioneer 700: Hero Red


  • Pioneer 700-4 Forest: $17,599
  • Pioneer 700-4 Deluxe: $15,599
  • Pioneer 700-4: $13,999
  • Pioneer 700 Forest: $15,499
  • Pioneer 700 Deluxe: $14,099
  • Pioneer 700: $12,499


  • Pioneer 700-4 Forest: June
  • Pioneer 700-4 Deluxe: April
  • Pioneer 700-4: May
  • Pioneer 700 Forest: May
  • Pioneer 700 Deluxe: May
  • Pioneer 700: May

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