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40 Under 40 – PSB recognizes the future of powersports

We see the future of the powersports industry, and it is bright. During the Accelerate Conference in Orlando in November, Powersports Business, along with program sponsors Torque Group and ABRG / WPS, recognized the industry-leading accomplishments of 40 professionals under 40 years of age. Nominated by their peers and chosen by our experienced panel, the professionals honored here are driving improvements in sales, customer service, marketing and more. And they’re helping grow the industry locally and nationally.

Just click on any of the names below to read the details of their accomplishments and recognition. And be ready to help us recognize the next group of honorees when we ask in a few months.

PSB editor Madelyn Hubbard introduces the 40 Under 40 award winners at the Accelerate Conference

Scott Adams    
COO and manager, Cal Coast Motorsports
Ventura, CA 

Under Scott’s direction, gross sales and net profit have doubled and customer satisfaction scores have improved. Social media accounts have also been re-evaluated and improved.

Scott created a friendly and accommodating atmosphere at the dealership and a solid team. The dealership has had a 100% employee retention through the entire COVID period the last two years. He has hired, retained and trained the right people for the dealership. He has an absolute commitment to customer satisfaction, employee performance and job satisfaction.       

Scott has broken the mold of the typical son-of-the-boss. He has taken the reins of a successful business of 42 years and maintained respect for the processes and people that make up the team. He brings fresh ideas that continue to take the dealership to the next level.

Mikk Alexander           
Sales Manager, Wild Prairie Harley-Davidson
Eden Prairie, MN  

Mikk exponentially improved the motorcycle sales department for the dealership. He improved the unit count sales year over year by over 18% while battling cutbacks in new unit production by shifting a heavier focus on preowned sales. He improved his departments sales revenue by 54%, increased his gross profit by 85% and increased his departments net profit contribution by 120% over the previous year. He drove an increased F&I gross profit by 63% to some of the strongest per unit sold profitability stats in the industry. Mikk also improved his departments CXI customer satisfaction survey rankings by 10. This rapid growth places Mikk and the sales team consistently competing at the top of high performing Defcon Powersports Group dealerships.        

Mikk is a leader that all sales professionals in the industry appreciate and enjoy working with. He has developed strong skills training with his team to ensure they are delivering world class buying experiences, and he engages in the closing of every bike sale. Mikk’s team relies on him to lead from the front, assuring all options and resources are considered to help put a motorcycle deal together that works for valued riders. He constantly reminds his team of how important every opportunity is to earn the customers’ business.

“No stone goes unturned with Mikk,” one nominator said. He continuously strives to improve both himself and his team. “He sets the tone every day with a huddle and training session to assure that his team is present and ready to play the game for the day,” one nominator said. He has a sincere compassion for his direct reports and fellow teammates, making him a top performer in the industry. Mikk never stops working and learning. He helps raise all of those around him and customers sense his sincerity to help them fulfill their dreams.

Kelly Allain     
Business Development Director, American Road Group

Kelly has developed a BDC Strategy for a large group of Harley-Davidson dealerships that has far surpassed any other Business Development Center in the country. “Her lead to conversion ratio and assistance with reputation management is exceptional to say the least,” one nominator said. The dealership has integrated her BDC and marketing messaging to create a powerhouse communication strategy for the growing organization, with Kelly at the lead of the process.           


She built her team from the ground up. She took what was a non-existent BDC and now has herself and six other agents with KPIs consistently surpassing goals. She has over a decade of experience as a business development director, including automotive and powersports. Kelly never misses a lead. She has created foolproof comprehensive workflows that flow through the CRM seamlessly and she works directly with the upper-level management team at each dealership to train them on processes. She also trains FIT specialists on the CRM integration. “She is a bulldog who never misses a beat,” one nominator said.

Since joining the dealership and creating the BDC department, Kelly has single handedly hired, trained and mentored each agent. She has handwritten every workflow. She is always in tune with the management teams across four states and in 2021 her BDC team was attributed directly to 758 motorcycle sales. They are already pacing to double that in 2022.

Daniel Arriaga 
COO, Freedom Powersports, LLC
Dallas, Texas

Daniel oversees 13 dealerships, and throughout 2021, he showed extreme leadership by helping them as they struggled with inventory. He spoke with leaders of the OEMs and advocated for them during this time.

Daniel conducts quarterly meetings with sales and finance, fixed opps and regional leaders. He provides a safe environment for each area of the business to be provided with guidance and for their concerns to be heard. He is excellent at radical candor and is loved and respected by all those who report to him.        Daniel has been in the powersports industry since his junior year of high school. He has an excellent knowledge of products, what drives customers to buy and a passion for leadership. “He is one the hardest workers I’ve ever met,” one nominator said. Daniel depicts integrity, discipline, teamwork and hustle. He is dedicated and excels in the industry with his leadership and sales training.

Nigel Bailey
Owner, Gables Motorsports and Marine

Nigel Bailey is the type of powersports story that reflects the real backbone of our industry. Growing up riding motocross and then sportbikes, Nigel loves the people, the industry and the lifestyle that our products provide to our consumers. In 2008, he made the move from investment banking to chase his true passion and bought in to his first dealership. His business mind is always driving toward growth and development. Now at 37 years old, he is the owner of three dealerships with more on the horizon. Always striving to be at the leading edge, he strives for excellence in his companies, employees and relationships! He has been through the ups and downs of the last 15 years and always keeps his eye on the prize. To quote him: “the smell of gas and rubber can take away some of the headaches we all must face in the world of business. This industry is fun if you let it be and remember why we are here!” This passion-driven owner is what we are about!

Carson Baker
Owner, Baker American Cycles
Fayetteville, NC

Carson has improved all his dealerships, never ceasing to progress. In 2021 Carson expanded his reach and bought a fourth dealership. This provides more opportunities for career minded individuals to rise in the powersports field and more employment opportunities all around.

He has helped many employees grow, achieve goals and better themselves. By maintaining a fun work environment, he keeps the team’s morale high, which gives customers a great experience. Carson leads from the front. He leads meetings, helps on the sales floor, lends a hand in the parts department and is never afraid to try something new. “Carson is a friend to all, but he still gets business done like no one else,” one nominator said. Cason truly started from the bottom. In 2015, he opened his first dealership and worked in every department, dedicating 100% of his time to his profession. Since then, he has continued to work hard running four stores in two different cities. He will soon acquire his fifth store in a third city.

Tim Bartlett     
Lead Fit Specialist, Jet City Harley Davidson
Renton, WA

Tim helped lead the company to record breaking numbers for 2021. In May he hit a staggering total of 40 units sold, 30 of which were brand new, finishing #1 in the TMC. This was also a store, state and company record that he still holds the title to.

Tim finished the year with a total of 228.5 units sold, 176 of them being brand new. He stacked up against some of the other heavy hitters in the company and finished #5 in the entire group YTD, surpassing his numbers and ranks for 2020. “We’re super proud of him,” one nominator said.

Tim consistently demonstrates strong leadership skills. He is a team player, and he sets the work ethic standard. Day in and day out, he strives to be the best version of himself, and his energy is contagious. Tim is committed to his customers and his passion for the brand is evident. He bleeds orange and black.

Catie Bird
Owner, Durango Harley-Davidson
Durango, CO  

Catie has worked relentlessly to integrate the dealership into the community by thought-leading numerous non-profit fundraisers. She elevated the 29th annual Toy Run in Durango, raising over $25,000 in 2021. She was recently recognized by the Durango Chamber of Commerce as the Young Professional of the Year for 2021 due to her efforts in the community. In addition to being a mom to a 9-year-old son and an 11-year-old daughter, Catie leads the marketing efforts for the dealership and is a volunteer for several local boards such as the parish council and the school board.

“She is an inspiring, humble yet firm leader,” one nominator said. She keeps the team focused on the dealership’s mission while also treating them like family. She opens her home to all team members during holidays and mentors and cares for younger co-workers.

She creates robust marketing strategies and leads the team through flawless execution. She keeps the dealerships core values, which are teamwork, integrity, passion and service, at the heart of all meetings and conversations.

Catie didn’t plan to work in the dealership when it was acquired by her and her husband in 2017. After a month of her husband working 14–16-hour workdays, she decided that it was time to let her leadership shine and put her personal life to the side.

Under her leadership, the dealership earned a Gold Bar & Shield award in 2019 and has consistently demonstrated some of the strongest growth with one of the highest gross margins in the Harley-Davidson dealer network. At 37, she has done a great deal to help the dealership become nationally recognized.

“Catie puts others first and never compromises her values for money,” one nominator said. She is focused on improving the reputation of motorcyclist in the community and is always the first to raise her hand to volunteer for a great cause. She has given a great deal to the powersports and Harley-Davidson industry, despite the short amount of time she’s been involved.

As a recent Young Professional of the Year, she stated in her acceptance speech that being a women business owner in a male dominated industry can be scary and intimidating, but also incredibly empowering.

She has inspired numerous new women riders. “It has been a blessing to watch Catie empower others, especially females, through her success and acts of service. She inspires other ladies to step up and show the powersports industry that anyone can be successful if they work hard and stick to their core values,” one nominator said.

Madison Blair  
Motorcycle Sales & Finance, Southern Thunder Harley-Davidson
Southaven, MS

Madison plays a critical dual role for the dealership in both motorcycle sales and finance. After the acquisition of the dealership, she quickly adapted to the new systems for both motorcycle sales and finance and established herself as a consistent top performer in the high-powered family of dealerships. She was instrumental in doubling the finance profitability every month, while also performing at the top of the ranks in new and used Harley-Davidson sales. She helped the dealership increase motorcycle sales by over 300% year-over-year.         

Madison has proved that she is a “lead through performance” player on the team. As the dealership experienced explosive growth in 2021, she never hesitated to help her existing teammates, along with the newcomers, in delivering exceptional buying experiences to every customer that came in to check out all the awesome changes. Whenever given the opportunity to go above and beyond for whatever the dealership or its customers need, Madison is always the first to raise her hand and volunteer to take the lead from the front.    

“There’s a lot of strong players in dealerships that are either great salespeople or great finance professionals, but there are very few that perform consistently at the top of both in an organization as high performing as the dealership,” one nominator said. Madison has quickly established herself as a go-to professional for both her fellow teammates and the dealerships customers.

She carries a heavy load for the dealership, and she excels day in and day out with a positive attitude and smile on her face. She strives to improve both her skill set and the service that she provides to customers she gets the opportunity to serve. “She is truly an A+ player and a rising star in the industry,” one nominator said.

Samantha Boozer         
Parts Manger, Foothills Motorsports      
Piedmont, SC

Samantha is an incredible asset to the dealership’s team. She has roughly eight years of experience at the dealership. She was able to overcome logistical and supply chain issues all while maintaining incredible CSI scores and profitability for the dealership. She is a very dedicated and detail-oriented employee. Samantha has been able to adapt consistently, maintain strong margins and a strong overall performance in the most challenging times to date.          

As a woman in the industry, it can be challenging, but she quicky changes that perception when dealing with customers. “It’s almost impossible to stump her. She seems to know every part number for every part on any kind of machine,” one nominator said. Employees from other departments turn to her for answers and guidance. She works well with other dealers and handles scheduling, ordering, invoicing and managing various web-based ecommerce platforms. She stays on trend with gear and updated parts, and she excels at keeping items in stock.

Samantha’s team knows that she won’t let them down and they thrive off her incredible personality. She demonstrates her strong leadership skills by delegating tasks to her team and showing them how to serve all customers with the best experience. Her optimism shines the brightest light on the parts and accessories department. “She makes the dealership the best that it can be,” another nominator said

She is a loyal employee, and she has a massive customer base. She is skilled with the use of all OEM and aftermarket partner platforms and her technology skill set makes her that much more of a vital asset to the team. “Aside from her incredible professionalism she also is an incredible mother and overall human-being,” one nominator said.

She consistently goes above and beyond for both the sales and service department, assuring that parts and accessories are available for new and used units. Problem solving is also a significant part of her job and she works well with the technicians to find solutions. She always puts the customer first, providing them with a personable experience. “Samantha is a great boss and co-worker. She is friendly, knowledgeable and she knows how to get the job done,” one nominator said.

Bethany Boyles
Lead Marketing Coordinator, The Motorcycle Company

Bethany illustrates hard work, dedication and passion. She has been an instrumental piece in getting the marketing and events at all dealership locations up to the highest caliber level. Each dealership she consults for is directly impacted by the horsepower she brings to the table and shares with dealership teams. “From on the ground event execution training, teaching social media algorithms to planning and organizing events for each of the 18 dealerships across the country, Bethany executes it all,” one nominator said.

She works on the ground level with dealership teams to execute all marketing and event initiatives that have been laid out by ownership. “She is the best in the business at what she does. With over 16 years in the Harley business and her passion for the brand, she is truly set apart from others in the industry,” one nominator said. She is dedicated to helping each dealership be as successful as they can.

She instills in the team the importance of marketing. She teaches that the customer experience in every aspect of the business is the focus and creating an excellent experience is the objective. She leads by example and coaches and depicts the mentality that “we are one team.”        

Bethany has trained and developed 18 event coordinators at some of the highest volume Harley-Davidson dealerships in the nation. She has worked in tandem with all 18 dealership teams to execute over 170 events per location in the year, which was more than 3,000 events in 2021. She has met challenges along the way with COVID-19 regulation changes, health department updates and changes in the business environment. She navigated the teams through these changing and difficult times, helping them rise to the challenge and put in some of the industry’s biggest sales numbers ever recorded.

“Bethany is one of the best young woman leaders in the industry,” one nominator said. All dealerships that she consults for continuously praise her for her training skills, dedication and passion. She never makes her team; an event coordinator or the dealership feel like it is just another number. She is dedicated to the company and the teams, and she loves what she does. “We are honored to have her as a leader,” one nominator said.

Amanda Bramble         
Marketing and Customer Relations Manager, Indian Motorcycle St. Paul, Indian Motorcycle Charlotte, Lloyd’z Garage    
St Paul, MN / Lowell, NC

Amanda is a marketing powerhouse who transformed the dealerships communications with the industry and customers. She also brought another dealership in the group into the fold. She then moved to get the third dealership grounded when it was added to the group. She is currently the sales manager and marketing director. 

Amanda is energetic, positive and loves what she does. For Amanda, extra work isn’t a problem but a challenge that she enjoys. She leads by example. There’s no time to waste, no problem that can’t be solved and no new idea that can’t be implemented for her. Amanda’s attitude is refreshing and welcoming. Fairly new to the motorcycle industry, she has exhibited a desire to stay involved and grow her skills as opportunity allows. Her mentors have continued to give her additional responsibilities as she continues to demonstrate her eagerness to learn and ability to work hard toward success.

Andy Brinkhaus           
General Manager, Simply Ride
Eden Prairie, MN

Andy acted as general sales manager through 2021 and brought the sales and finance departments to record profits, while maintaining top level customer service shown by positive customer Google and Facebook reviews. Andy started as a sales manager over three years ago with the goal to fill the general manager position. He made improvements, performed his duties well, and continuously took on responsibilities. He was promoted to general manager shortly after the end of the year but had acted the part through 2021.

He is a strong leader who works closely with other managers to assist them in their departments. He also worked closely with the owner on key personnel and strategy issues. He coaches employees to help them improve their weaknesses and celebrate their strengths and he consistently recognizes them for exhibiting company core values during all-store meetings.  

“He cares about the company and owner immensely,” one nominator said. He brings people under his wing and watches out for co-workers. He intently follows processes and the chain of command. He is a quick learner who asks for feedback then acts on it. 

Andy starts and ends the day with a smile on his face and says good morning to every single person in the building. With the numerous changes within the dealership, Andy continuously assures that employees are adapting well to the adjustments. He checks in with each department providing help when needed and leads team meetings when the owner isn’t available. He answers questions to the best of his ability, and if there’s more information needed, he provides resources to help. He goes above and beyond to make sure the shop is running smoothly.

Andy cares about employee’s mental health, enacting an open-door policy that allows employees to speak with a manager at any time. “Andy is the biggest supporter we have in the shop,” one nominator said. He is a kind person, and employees are grateful for what he does to help them and the dealership. He has a sense of humor, always able to put a smile on anyone’s face but he also knows how to talk business. He’s very good at commutating goals and how they can be attained. “Andy wants everyone in the shop to be successful,” one nominator said.

His compassion for others and positive attitude boosts morale on the team. He is caring, present and always willing to listen and help with any situation. “His enthusiasm for helping the team is what sets him apart,” one nominator said.

Justin Brinn
Co-Owner/Operator, Spyke’s KTM
Lafayette, IN  

Justin continues to grow the business at the dealership, and more importantly the customer experience.  His efforts to support the motorcycling sport in 2021 were vast but centered around a focus on youth riders. From electric bikes until their first “big bike” and beyond, he wants to support their journey in the sport. He and his team also integrated the GasGas line into the dealership, offering customers yet another high-quality choice and unique brand. 

Justin has assembled a small but very effective staff. He empowers his employees and has shown his ability to retain staff even through the challenges of recent years. He sets an example of how to passionately work hard by supporting both local and national level offroad racing, all while running a multi-line motorcycle dealership.       

Justin also prioritizes his customers. “A young local GNCC racer suffered a spinal cord injury while riding and Justin and his team put multiple fundraising campaigns in motion to support the rider while working through his injuries,” one nominator said. His support for local racers consists of providing meaningful sponsorships, trackside support, youth engagement and a vast amount of on-hand inventory.

Justin acquired the dealership with his father in 2013 at just 22 years old. With his passion for the sport and his father’s business experience, the dealership hit the ground running. The business has grown at a rate that has required two moves and the addition of an offsite storage facility. It is now one of the premier dealers for the KTM Group. Justin has become a “go-to” for all things KTM Group related, with several dealers around the country referring to him as a resource for his knowledge of both the product and the business.

Phillip Bruno
General Sales Manager, Doc’s Harley Davidson 
St. Louis, MO

Phillip improved the dealership in several ways during 2021. Not only did he sell more bikes than the previous year, but he also increased profit per unit during his first year as the general sales manager. He has been promoted to assistant sales manager, sales manager and finally general sales manager because of his tremendous leadership skills and earned trust of both customers and the sales staff. Phillip is also the HOG manager for the dealership. He has grown the membership to a staggering 289 active members that logged over 1,000,000 miles in 2021.

Phil has created, organized and optimized motorcycle sales using the internet. He has developed phone and internet sales training to maximize efficiency. He has implemented revised sales floor processes to ensure team members are exceeding performance goals and he has redefined salesman functions and expectations to improve sales.

Phillip is a hands-on leader that pushes for results while maintaining a fun, family like atmosphere in the dealership. He works closely with other departments to ensure a seamless purchasing experience for every customer. He establishes a positive atmosphere for both customers and employees and continuously sets the standard for honesty, integrity and customer service for the entire dealership to follow. Phillip and his team have evolved the run of the mill dealership into a home away from home for anyone who walk through its doors.

Phillip has developed a cohesive team focusing on an incredible overall customer experience. He has devoted his time to developing a team of people all with the same direction and he takes the time to listen to their ideas and concerns.

He is committed entirely to the dealership and its “rags to riches” type of story. He started as greeter for the dealership collecting names and phone numbers of all customers. Within a year, he was given the opportunity to learn the sales process. He then immersed himself into learning the internet sales network. “In a seven-year time he has worked his way up to general sales manager and he continues to lead this dealership into the future,” said one nominator.

Phillip has a relationship every co-worker, vendor and the customers. He is exceptionally loyal to the dealership. “Our year was remarkably strong and fun because of Phillip,” one nominator said. “Whether it is a sales conversation, huddle, meeting or introduction to the customers, he brings a wonderful positive energy that is infectious,” another nominator said. He maintains a consistent, positive and solution driven attitude every day. He is respected for his hard work, honesty and big personality. “He is not only a powersports industry enthusiast, but also an enthusiastic about his role as general sales manager,” one nominator said.

He has an exceptional communicator, which helps sales, CXI scores and the turnover rate. He improves the dealership through creative, customer-first programs. Under his leadership, the dealership continues to lead the region in sales and customer service.

He leads by example with a “family-first, do whatever it takes” mentality. “Phillip is a soon-to-be father for the first time, an amazing husband, friend and his employees love working for him,” another nominator said.

Jena Bucknam 
Internet Sales Manager, Manchester Harley-Davidson
Manchester, NH

Jena was hired in January of 2021, and she hit the ground running. “She is the definition of the perfect employee,” one nominator said. Not only is she an amazing leader, trainer and contributor but she goes above and beyond to make sure that her team is successful too. She has her eyes on every aspect of the business and is always there to help train and support anyone struggling.  

Jena is an all-star player. “Talent like her doesn’t come around very often. She’s kinda like Michael Jordan,” one nominator said. Her BDC team ended 2021 at 63% appointment/lead ratio, 80% Shown/Made and contributed to 57% of the total motorcycles sold for the year.

She not only trusts and follows industry best practices and a proven sales process, but she also leverages all available resources in her toolbox to maximize results for her team, making the dealership one of the country’s leading Harley-Davidson dealerships for new sales volume, year-round. Jena sets clearly defined expectations for her team and inspects what she expects. Her winning attitude and belief that achieving goals is a “when” and not an “if” is infectious and her team works together to continue to smash records.         

While she holds down her role and fulfills her responsibilities, she also goes out of her way to identify other areas of the dealership, sometimes far outside of her department, to ensure her teammates have what they need, any weaknesses are covered while they are rebuilding, and the dealership is healthy and performing at its best.

Jena is one of the top Harley-Davidson internet sales managers in the country. She has a curious mind and wants to understand the why behind the what. She continually asks thought provoking questions, not to challenge the process itself, but to improve upon already proven strategies and resolve hidden issues others in her role may be inclined to disregard. She wants things done right and doing things right has led to her incredible results.          

Warren Burger 
General Manager, Airtec Sports
Roberts WI      

Warren began managing the dealership when it was a small facility in 2018. In 2020, after relocating to a 10,000-square-foot facility, Warren oversaw the doubling of revenue and dealership staff from 2020 to 2021. At 33, he manages a staff of 13 employees and manages the dealerships numerous manufacturer lines.

He is a master certified BRP technician who can jump in and run any position within the dealership with professionalism and knowledge at any moment. He is a powersports enthusiast who started in high school as a mechanic and worked his way through the rankings within the industry, landing a management job under the age of 30.

Pierce Carlson
General Manager, Mall of Georgia Indian
Buford, GA

Pierce has improved all unit sales and service while maintaining the highest level of professionalism. The dealership had the best sales year in 2021 since 2016 and currently leads in pre-sold units ordered in its district. Pierce gives 100% to his job. He started August of 2020 and relocated his family to assure that he could give the dealership his all.

Pierce leads by example. “He has helped the dealership grow by working through the tough labor market with a willingness to roll up his sleeves and get the job done,” one nominator said. He works hard and is still an excellent father to his two young boys. Pierce values and prioritizes providing the best dealership experience to all and he is not afraid to ask for help along the way.

Pierce has moved the dealership into the number one dealer for Slingshot in its district and it is consistently one of the top Indian motorcycle dealers. “Just a year and a half ago he knew nothing about operating a dealership. He got thrown in the deep end and learned how to swim on his own. He has made good contacts and good decisions for the dealership, and I consider him to be a rising star,” one nominator said.

Pierce spearheaded the rental fleet at the dealership directly with Polaris Adventures to provide a “ride before you buy” option for customers. The #1 benefit of the rental fleet is that models are always on the floor, which says a lot considering the current pre-order world.     

He delegates and supports younger associates, who know that they can count on him. Pierce is at the forefront if anyone needs assistance around or outside of the dealership. He shows up early and he is the first to greet customers, providing top notch customer service.

Austin Clevinger
Business Manager/F&I manager, Hatfield McCoy Powersports  
Belfry, KY

Austin improved the dealership in 2021 by increasing the PVR from $1221 to $1441. He closed more deals within 2021 than previous years.

Austin demonstrates strong leadership skills, keeping all employees on schedule and all deals compliant and organized. He thinks outside of the box. He demonstrates positivity, motivation, drive and work ethic. Austin raises the bar with his immense success across the board and motivation to make the dealership the best it can be.

Austin keeps everyone on schedule and is continuously finding ways to help the dealership reach its peak performance. He works extremely hard, putting in as many hours as it takes to do his job at a maximum level. Customers are his top priority, and he ensures that they have a pleasant experience inside the dealership. Austin gets a remarkable number of customers approved with lenders.

Traci Coleman 
General Manager, Carolina Honda Powerhouse
Columbia, SC

Traci remained committed and dedicated to the dealership during challenging Covid-19 and post Covid-19 times. She approaches every challenge with a positive attitude. She consistently rallies the team to look forward and work hard together to endure and succeed.

Traci never gives up and she leads by example. She is a valuable contributor within the dealership and takes great pride in the reputation and image of the business and has worked hard to engage the business in the local community. She displays great joy every day and works diligently towards the dealership’s growth.           

Traci is very customer focused and constantly seeks to meet the customer as a top priority. She treats the dealership team like family, with equality, trust, encouragement and pride. She loves what she does and strives to be innovative to keep the dealership on the cutting edge of progress and success.

“She is simply a well-rounded individual and works not for recognition, but out of her passion to exceed the customers’ needs and expectations. She is a great team player,” one nominator said.

Brian Cox        
Owner, Simply Ride
Eden Prairie, MN         

Despite the challenges the team faced in 2021 due to the pandemic, the dealership saw success under the leadership of Brian. He is a true leader who illustrates the core values that he looks for in employees and managers. He is a born leader who has developed his skill set over the last 15 years of owning and operating one of the most successful dealerships in Minnesota. Brian brings the entire company together every week to inform departments of their status and how certain goals will be achieved. Co-workers are also able to get to know each other on a personal level during these meetings.

“He a very involved owner, investing not only in employee’s professional success but also personal success and growth. The dealership provides a team that I am proud to be a part of,” one nominator said. Brian leads the business by creating not just a great place to work but also a light at the end of the tunnel for employees who seek happiness in a workplace. “He is an inspiration and deserves personal and professional success,” one nominator said.

Brian has given the dealership the freedom and motivation to shape and improve all departments. He takes the time to get to know employees and invest in their personal lives. He has an open-door policy, taking the time to listen to any concerns or needs of employees, helping resolve any issues. “He truly has a good heart. He is personable, a trait I have seen many other owners lose in the pursuit of business and growth,” one nominator said.      

Brian has continued to reinvest into the company, adding inventory and overseeing improvements in the shop and on the showroom floor. He strives to provide customers a premier experience during every interaction and encourages the staff to do so as well. Brian has moved the company into a larger space over the last two years while keeping employees in a safe work environment during the pandemic and adding Yamaha to the store.

The dealership has significantly improved product lines, staff, productivity and its profit margin under Brain’s leadership. He is approachable, listens and interacts with his employees with respect and appreciation for their contributions. He excels at delegating responsibilities. “I am truly happy to work for and with Brian. Our shop is like no other: happy, friendly, honest and hardworking and it all starts at the top with Brian,” one nominator said.

Brian has empowered employees to improve processes and make changes in their areas of expertise. He shares his vision and guidance and models the dealerships core values of family, passion, growth, premier and integrity every day. “One of the company core values is ‘family’ and Brian goes out of his way to make sure that everyone who works in the dealership is treated as such,” one nominator said. He publicly applauds employees for their accomplishments that support the dealerships core values. “Also, he can occasionally tell a good joke,” another nominator said.

Brandon Dooley           
Owner, B’s Moto Lab
Bel Aire, KS 

At 31 years old, Brandon has started a new dealership from the ground up and developed it into a top regional performer. He oversaw the dealership transition into a new facility as a new KTM dealer in 2020. The new facility allowed Brandon to increase the scope of his business while also hiring quality employees within the dealership. He has prioritized the growth of KTM house of brands, adding GasGas and WP Suspension in 2021. “He has taken the dealership to the next level,” one nominator said.

The dealership continues to grow day after day, at an accelerated pace in sales, PG&A and service, while providing excellent customer service. Brandon has strong leadership skills and drive. “When he says he’s going to do something, he does it,” one nominator said. Brandon made these major strides forward at the onset of Covid in 2020, a time frame when dealers didn’t know what the market or even the world was going to do. “In typical Brandon fashion, he continued to forge forward and develop the dealership into a better version of itself, day after day,” one nominator said.  

Nick Ferlise     
General Manager Sales and Finance, Tom’s River Motorsports and Marine
Toms River, NJ

Nick did a fantastic job continuing to grow unit sales and profitability at the dealership despite the inventory and supply chain challenges in 2021. He diversified the product mix at the dealership to now include SSR, Benelli, CF Moto, Kayo and Hisun brands to cater to a new demographic of customers.

Along with diversifying the product mix at the dealership, Nick oversees that every customer is treated with best-in-class customer service. He played an instrumental role in opening a new location to further meet and exceed the sales and service expectations of customers. 

Nick is continually looking for ways to improve the dealerships relationship with multiple stakeholders including customers, OEM partners, retail and wholesale finance partners and PG&A suppliers. As a results of his leadership at the dealership it is historically a Platinum or Gold level Kawasaki Ichiban dealer as well as White Diamond Yamaha Watercraft dealer.   

Customer satisfaction is at the top of Nick’s priority list. He is a strong communicator and very detail oriented. He has grown up in the business and over the years has worked in every department. The expansion and success of the dealership is a direct result of his passion and enthusiasm for the powersports and marine industry.

Brandon Grossman       
General Manager, FirstBike Motorsports Inc.
Butler, PA

The dealership has seen an increase in gross sales from $1.1 to $5.3 million. “The teamwork of Brandon, his brother Justin and the great employees at the dealership have made this growth possible,” one nominator said. Brandon gathers the staff daily to go over the previous days business, reviewing the ideal and less ideal things that occurred. He thanks his staff for their work and asks them to give him ideas of how they could improve when necessary. He constantly reminds employees that they are the life blood that drive the success of the store. 

Brandon listens to both the customers and the employees to help grow the family business. He understands what it takes to build towards being a top-level preforming powersports dealer. He works very closely with each manufacture to put the store in a winning position, whether it be for new inventory, parts inventory or service training and production. He also understands the importance of customer satisfaction and how it relates to profitability and retention. At ages 27 and 32, Brandon and Justin have moved the needle with Kawasaki from being at the very bottom of the region of 41 dealers to a top 10 contender in less than three years. The dealership is also approaching performing in the top 25% of Kawasaki dealers in the nation. 

Justin Hall
Business Manager, Logan Motorcycle Sales
Wilkinson, WV

In a response to the effects of the pandemic, Justin implemented various processes in the business office to better serve clients and customers. His knowledge and expertise in technology have been vital to many new processes. He implemented iPad e-signatures for all in-house and lender forms with the new LightspeedEVO e-sign feature. He also set up iPads for each technician allowing them to track labor hours.

The use of the new system, e-signatures and form batches make signing a deal a breeze, not to mention it has cut down paperwork errors to almost zero and signing time to 30-45 mins. The vital change saves time in the business office while offering a streamline process that ensures all documents are signed, minimizing missing required forms.

Justin focuses on progress in the business office as well as other departments in the dealership. “Justin is fiercely loyal, focused and an overachiever, all of which are qualities that make him a valued employee,” one nominator said. He consistently offers his help to co-workers, and he supports and encourages them to grow and learn outside of their regular duties. If an issue arises, Justin is there to lend a hand and offer advice and guidance.

He is known for his common purpose attitude and has prioritized the company’s greater good since he started at the dealership. He is cross trained in all departments and can jump in anywhere needed. He always takes on tasks to assist the general manager and vice president without hesitation. If he is unsure how to handle a task, he finds a way to persevere.         

Justin started at the dealership in 2014, leaving the auto side of the business. He has eagerly researched ways to improve the business office which is an important practice in today’s constantly changing market. He doesn’t leave old processes unchanged or without a revamp, to assure that customers have a stellar experience.

Nate Harms
General Manager, U Motors, Inc.
Fargo, ND

Nate has successfully managed three profitable dealership locations throughout the pandemic, supply chain disruptions and staffing shortages. He has set a positive tone through each phase that the dealership and team have faced.

“Nate is always willing to do whatever needs to be done. He sees himself as an equal to the nearly 40 staff members, and no task will ever be below his pay grade,” one nominator said.

Nate has worked at the dealership since he was in high school. He started at the dealership sweeping the shop and washing units. He has always had his sights set high, and now as the General Manager, has helped the dealership grow into three locations across two states. “Nate is a stand-up guy. Everyone that comes across him likes him and we wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for him,” one nominator said.

Harrison Herron           
Finance Manager, Foothills Motorsports
Piedmont, SC   

Harrison displayed an entirely different level of leadership in 2021. He stepped up to finance manager in a time of crisis and took over as if he had held the role his entire life. With his attention to detail and extensive knowledge, Harrison has streamlined processes with each deal. He also reached #11 in the Carolina Top Gun Rankings for Polaris.

Harrison started 10 years ago in the online sales department. His constant efforts to personally improve and better the dealership have led him from assistant parts manager to sales associate, to online sales manager and now finance manager. He truly understands the entire scope of the powersports business, making the dealership a better place.

Harrison’s years of experience in the powersports business has gained him a wealth of knowledge in many areas and he is always eager to learn more. He is ready and willing to assist and very dependable. “Harrison is a tremendous asset to the dealership,” one nominator said. He is a team player who encourages, challenges and supports co-workers to achieve their very best. He is dependable and eager to learn. “Harrison is a win-win for both the dealership and our customers,” one nominator said. He is dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction and building strong customer relationships.

He refuses to be denied on deals, fighting for both customer and dealer to obtain what each want. He makes the buying process enjoyable for the customer and always goes above and beyond. He is kind, honest and extremely reliable. “Harrison can hold his composure in times of panic and stress and he is one of the most professional individuals I know,” one nominator said. He has a vast customer base and following of people that will drive miles out of state just to deal with him.

Harrison has a strong work ethic. He is proactive and has gone above and beyond to grow the dealership’s digital footprint, as many dealers struggled to navigate the changes necessary for retail in 2021. He is extremely intelligent in the tech world. He set up the dealerships website and runs multiple sites, such as eBay and Amazon, all while performing his primary job.  

Harrison has increased the dealership’s finance revenues by over 20%. This also results in gained revenue for the entire store. He brings a winning attitude to work every day and displays a never quit mentality when it comes to each customer. He leads by example, the first to arrive and last to leave to assure that all business is completed. “He’s a winner,” one nominator said.

“Harrison is a jack of all trades, you can throw him in any department, and he can work it like he’s been done for years,” another nominator said. He is kind, intelligent and loyal. Harrison played a critical role in aligning the dealership to deliver a three-star performance for Polaris NorthStar Rewards, an all-encompassing program that grades dealers on their performance across five profit centers.

“I’ve worked with over 75 dealerships in my tenor with Polaris, including all five of the top volume dealerships in the country, and Harrison is easily one of the best dealership partners I’ve worked with,” one nominator said. He excels when interacting with customers and working his sales process. He is ahead of the technology curve, and he regularly implements best practices across the dealership.

Harrison is commitment to ensuring that he is successful in each of the roles that he plays. He has played a critical role in getting new team members onboarded and comfortable with the day-to-day operations that take place in all the profit centers that contribute to the dealership.

Through strategic partnerships and growth development, Harrison has secured multi-million-dollar contracts with government agencies and large universities. He enacted new F&I ideas, resulting in substantial revenue for the dealership. He is professional, compliant and he works well under pressure. He has fast paced critical thinking skills and maintains a calm and positive purchasing atmosphere while keeping the staff motivated. He consistently meets or exceeds goals. He is willing to take on any task. “He is a quick learner, reliable, punctual and he has an extremely positive mindset,” one nominator said.

Chad Hutchens
General Manager, West Virginia Motorsports
Summersville, WV

After hired as parts manager, Chad has taken the parts department from holding a 25% to holding a 35-37% margin on monthly sales. He has also overseen the increase of per ticket sales. Chad showed excellent leadership and management skills as the parts manager, and he eventually accepted the responsibility of the service department as well. Not long after taking on the service department, Chad was promoted to parts and service advisor for both dealership locations. He has improved the departments in all areas.         

Chad has leadership skills and is customer satisfaction driven. He has continuously proven his dedication to the dealership. “The personnel goals that he sets for himself are truly above and beyond,” one nominator said. He was an obvious first choice for the general manager position that he now holds.

Cassie Johnson
General Merchandise Sales, St. Paul Harley-Davidson
St Paul, MN

2021 was Cassie’s first full year as a general merchandise sales pro for the dealership. “In one of the high performing Defcon Powersports Dealerships, Cassie finished as the #1 overall general merchandise sales revenue performer in her first year, which is almost unheard of,” one nominator said. “Cassie’s ability to establish herself as the number one general merchandise sales performer with zero past experience in sales in her very first year is a true testament to her grit and determination to commit to following the trained sales process with great discipline,” another nominator said.

Cassie is commitment to consistently finish at the top of the Defcon Powersports daily sales performance rankings. She aligns her performance to stay at the top, setting the pace and tone for not just her, but also her fellow teammates. She has motivated an elevated performance from many of her coworkers.

She adapts quickly. She thoroughly watches her line items per ticket and dollars per invoice and monitors her progress daily to assess areas of improvement. She is committed to fine-tuning her training each week. Cassie has also built a strong following of customers that request her assistance whenever they visit the dealership. She is committed to delivering customers with world class buying experiences 100% of the time.

She is known for her ability to connect with customers and quickly establish a non-sales-like and friendly rapport with them. Those that frequent the dealership appreciate this about her. She knows customers by their name and makes them feel comfortable and excited to do business with the dealership. Cassie goes above and beyond to do her part to ensure this standard is delivered 100% of the time.

Matt Keir         
General Merchandise Manager, St. Paul Harley-Davidson          
St Paul, MN

Matt did an incredible job of adapting to a volatile market with staffing challenges, inventory challenges, customer traffic issues and strict local mandates coming off the pandemic. He improved his departments revenue by 30% while also improving margins. He helped improve his departments net profitability exponentially.

Matt also developed fun and exciting weekly general merchandise promotional plans and events that helped improve traffic and invoice counts for the dealership. His promotional plans improved customer exposure in all departments. His efforts landed him in the coveted #1 overall general merchandise sales revenue rank for the Defcon Powersports Group in the 2021 calendar year.          

Matt works alongside his sales team on the showroom floor to support their efforts every day. He never misses an opportunity to positively help coach his team’s sales approach to improve the customer experience. His lead-from-the-front leadership style helps maximize his team’s ability to deliver exceptional buying experiences and capitalize on the add-on sales opportunities that riders deserve. This results in above average line items per ticket and higher dollars per invoice.

Matt closely evaluates his departments data every month and makes the needed adjustments to quickly improve in any area of deficiency he sees. “His college football experience has provided him with the competitive advantage and hard nose approach needed to be this successful in today’s aggressive industry,” one nominator said.

Matt’s ability to consistently focus on the key drivers for his department and team, while contagiously exposing his team to their current and needed performances, lands him as a top performer in the industry.  “When you measure all the critical benchmarks for his department, he performs with the best of the best,” one nominator said.

Curtis Layton
General Manager, Brinson Powersports of Corsicana     
Corsicana, TX 

Curtis oversaw the dealership accept the 2021 Sea-Doo district dealer of the year and the Can-Am Off-Road District dealer of the year awards. He has maintained the dealership in such a way that it has a 4.8 Google rating and throughout 2021, the highest CSI sales score in the nation with Can-Am. Despite a 20% reduction in available units, Curtis oversaw the increase of gross sales by 7% in 2021 over 2020.

Curtis constantly reiterates the importance of practice and procedure. He strives for exceptional customer service, assuring that every consumer has the same in depth, informative and happy experience. His mission statement is, “To have the best customer service in the powersports industry!” He not only exemplifies this mission, but also teaches his team why this is important.

Curtis is involved in all areas of the dealership daily, whether helping in the service department, parts department or speaking to a customer in sales. Curtis has ample knowledge about the powersports industry as he has been involved in the industry since he was 15. He started as a part-time stocker in the parts department, then held a full-time position at the age of 18 while attending college. By 25, he worked in sales and focused on absorbing as much knowledge and advice as he could. At 32, he became the general manager of a dealership in Texas.

He has a relationship with countless within the industry. “Every bank representative or dealer representative will, to this day, pick up their phone every time he calls,” one nominator said. Now, at 39, he has been the general manager of the same dealership since 2019. In less than three years he has helped restore a once negative operating store, which is now profiting in the six-figure margin.

Curtis is a pillar of dedication and growth within the powersports industry. “Whether he is out supporting powersports race teams on the weekends, or in the office gathering data to better the store, he is always dedicated to the industry,” one nominator said.  

Nick Leibfried
Owner, Nick’s Powersports
Dickeyville, WI

In 2021, Nick took a big leap of faith and moved his dealership to a new building with highway frontage. Nick had worked at the former location since high school, starting as a technician and then in sales. He bought the dealership in 2011.

With the expansion, he hired qualified and dedicated managers to direct his staff in sales and service. He has instilled his strong work ethic, A-plus customer service and positive attitude throughout the dealership.

“Nick grew up on a farm, so a strong work ethic was instilled in him at an early age,” one nominator said. He leads by example and genuinely cares about his staff and customers, who he treats like an extension of his family. Nick is honest, and both customers and employees alike trust him. Lifetime customer relationships are important to Nick.

He has a kind and patient approach with staff, and he instills quality values in the work environment. Although he is the dealership owner, he is still the first to aid any departments in need. He is extremely involved in all facets of the dealership, while also actively helping the community. Nick attends numerous township and county meetings to help open and maintain trails. He also runs the groomer during snowmobile season.

Nick has been a BRP platinum certified dealer since acquiring the dealership in 2011. He has been the BRP District Dealer of the year for the last four years. “Nick credits his staff which he says is the best he’s ever had for the accolades,” one nominator said.

Casey McKibben         
Owner / Principal, McKibben Powersports
Lake Wales, FL

Since 2015, Casey has grown his organization from a single Honda powerhouse to now two large, multi-line dealerships. His experience and guidance have proven to drive tremendous results and he is working on closing another acquisition next month. In 2021 he helped create the most profitable year that the group has ever had.    

Casey’s leadership skills are demonstrated continuously through his example and his actions. He is always willing to lend a hand with anything that is going on in the dealership all while continuing to listen and learn from his employees. As an example, when the dealership was shorthanded, Casey proactively set up trailers that had just arrived and needed to be down stacked.       

“Very few people have accomplished what Casey has at his age, as he has built and grown his own brand throughout the central Florida area,” one nominator said. Casey also holds two master’s degrees from the University of Florida and serves on various community boards in the area as well.

Derek Osner
Manager, Crossroad Powersports
Upper Darby, PA

Derek has been an invaluable part of our business. His out-the-box thinking has propelled the dealership’s sales numbers and efficiency to the next level. His worth ethic, attention to detail, and overall attitude has grown not only business but made our whole team better in our day-to-day ventures. We are proud to have him and couldn’t be more pleased that he is getting this award in recognition of his efforts.

Alex Reyes
F&I Manager, Broward Motorsports
West Palm Beach, FL

Being mentored by owner Sam Nehme, Alex has tackled a host of new challenges in 2022, including training and coaching all new finance managers and sales managers across the dealership group, with a focus on the importance of process to maintain all compliance, while achieving sales results.

Alex also consults with a financial partner lender to create a near-prime portfolio and expand their subprime program, as well as dealer credit CRM software.

He also works closely with dealership group’s GPS partner company to create an app that provides telematics other than basic GPS. With the customer’s consent, the dealership’s GPS deterrent will report machine health through customer-centered service and maintenance insight, other data that’s relevant to seamless ownership experience and an innovative dealership advisor approach.

He also designed a process and form with CDK to ensure integration with insurance partners.

Anthony Sandow
Senior Parts and Service Manager, Nextgen Powersports
Clear Lake, WI

Anthony built a stellar Parts and Service Team at our Clear Lake Location while in a Parts and Service Manager role in 2021. The proficiency in the shop early in the year was around 74% and is currently at 106% due to his drive and persistence with the execution of our plan in Clear Lake. He also spent a better part of the year improving his own skills through training from Wheelhouse College and listening to Garage Composite podcasts. Anthony is like a sponge when it comes to learning new techniques especially on the leadership and management side of his role. Anthony has also personally groomed the Service Manager that is trying to fill his shoes as Anthony recently was promoted to Senior Parts and Service Manager in 2022.

Anthony is a great communicator and has a great personality when conducting staff meetings. In his new role as Senior Parts and Service Manager, Anthony trains and mentors parts and service teams at 3 locations and now works closely with the Leadership Team on a weekly basis. He steps up and holds himself and others accountable as well as provides constructive feedback when needed. He’s also very conscious to give a public shout out for people inside and outside of his department that are going above and beyond. He goes to bat for his people but approaches it fairly based on performance and attitude.

Specifically, I think Anthony has one of the best handlebar mustaches in the Powersports Industry. I could go on and on about him, but one thing I really appreciate about him is that he builds a great camaraderie at work. He is right there with the employees to throw down for anything from a foot race in the backlot to a high kick contest. He has a great work ethic and has built his team around these values. Anthony strives to be better every day and as he moves up in the ranks, he hasn’t forgotten where he started and is always willing to lend a hand or volunteer to help where needed. He is a very versatile employee and we are proud to have him on our team.

Nina Serafin    
General Merchandise Manager, Wild Prairie Harley-Davidson   
Eden Prairie, MN

Nina was able to exceptionally improve and positively influence the key metrics of her department.  During a year laden with inventory, staffing and pandemic challenges, Nina drove her departments revenue up 27% while improving her margins by 38%. She managed expenses remarkably, which drove the net contribution profit for her department up 46% year-over-year respectively.

Shortly after taking the reins, she implemented daily sales training of the Defcon Sales processes for the team she built. This has been a true cornerstone for the expectations of daily results she holds herself and her team. She measures her team’s success through line items per ticket and average invoice stats, always areas that she strives to see improve.

Nina started as a Motorclothes sales associate and earned her promotion due to her strong and consistent performance. Her fellow department managers and the General Merchandise sales team have great respect for Nina as she is a lead-from-the-front manager. Customers that get the opportunity to engage with her appreciate her commitment to deliver a world class customer experience at every opportunity, which has is shown by their dealership loyalty.       

Nina has a passion and commitment to her career and the success of the dealership. She consciously decided that she wanted to be the manager of her department early in her career and established herself as the number one candidate to do so. She has sacrificed and grown in both her professional life and personal life to position herself to succeed. She inspires others in the dealership to follow in her same footsteps. “She is truly a start-from-the-ground-up success story and textbook example of what can be achieved after making a conscious decision pursue a goal,” one nominator said. She put her plan in place, worked hard daily, monitored her progress and practiced self-awareness so she could make necessary adjustments to elevate to the next level.

Nicki Snyder
Marketing Director, American Road Group/Orlando H-D, Laconia H-D, Wildcat H-D
Orlando, FL

“Nicki is a marketing kingpin in the Harley-Davidson world,” one nominator said. After a record year in all five stores and tripled lead generation, Nicki continues to put out innovative messaging that maximizes engagement with the dealership’s customer base. “With over 14 years in Harley-Davidson dealerships, her experience, knowledge and talent are unmatched,” one nominator said. She is a go-getter who constantly sets goals as steppingstones for the next ones. She leads her team by example and builds on their strengths, as well as her own, to make an unstoppable team.           

Nicki constantly researches market trends and testes innovative ways to reach new markets and demographics. Her efforts have increased transactions with new and unique customers, growing each dealer footprint farther than ever before. Nicki makes an impact on every person and dealership that she touches. On top of her incredible talent within the business, her positivity brings light to all her coworkers and customers alike. “She is a true leader,” one nominator said.

Justin Stanley
Mechanic, Franklin Power Sports
Franklin, NC

Justin is an integral part of Franklin Power Sports. His specialty is in mechanics and all things under the hood, or seat, but he prides himself in doing the best job he can and helping everyone who comes through the door. His knack for customer service and knowledge is something to be admired and appreciated by all who visit the dealership.

Justin is a great team player. He strives to communicate with everyone at the dealership and customers. He is always up front and honest with everyone, which is greatly appreciated by all who encounter him. Many people have a skepticism when it comes to dealerships, but Justin always leaves customers assured and satisfied they are receiving the best service possible. Justin goes above and beyond. He demonstrates an incredible work ethic and is always interested in learning. He is incredibly knowledgeable, but never lets that stop him from continuing to learn and strive to be the best he can be. 

Justin is an incredibly hard-working man, father, and leader in Franklin Power Sports. He always strives to learn, improve and, most importantly, enjoy each day with a smile.

Jonathan Waters
Owner/President, Redline Powersports Group
Myrtle Beach, SC 

Jonathan Waters oversaw the dealerships revenue increase from $20.3M to $30.8M in 2021 while also acquiring two additional dealerships. This was accomplished by heavy investments in training, increasing staff and facility improvements. The original location has now exceeded a 200% growth over annual revenue under prior ownership. “Jonathan functions as a true executive,” one nominator said. He empowers leadership within the store to function as entrepreneurs over their departments. “Each manager knows the forecast for their department and the KPIs needed to get there,” one nominator said.

Jonathan is exceptionally innovative. He stands out in any room of general managers or owners. Additionally, he is an avid reader who inspires his team to always pursue new knowledge. “Jonathan is only two years in as an owner and is already well on his way to making his mark,” one nominator said.

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