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Polaris partners with International Female Ride Day to #FocusFemaleForward

Polaris has announced it’s again joining forces with International Female Ride Day (IFRD) to further celebrate and accelerate the participation of women in powersports. The 15th annual IFRD returns to the first Saturday of May, when women in more than 120 countries will participate by riding their motorcycles, off-road vehicles, snowmobiles or other powersports vehicles in unity and support of the female riding community. This year’s theme, #FocusFemaleForward, emphasizes the goals of IFRD, including encouraging new women to ride while shining a light on the diverse participation of women already engaging in powersports.

Since its inception, IFRD has shone a spotlight on women riders and the female powersports arena. Over the last decade, female ridership has increased significantly, and the momentum generated on this one day is needed to continue advancing the future of motorcycling and powersports for women.

“It’s exciting to have Polaris as a sponsor, teaming up to encourage even more women to join the movement,” said Vicki Gray, IFRD founder and inaugural member of Polaris’ Empowersports Women’s Riding Council. “This year women around the world will be active, riding in celebration, unity and support of the female riding community more than ever before. Whether on roads, dirt, sand or snow, riding continues to be an exhilarating, liberating and a fulfilling activity for women of all skill levels. The female riding community continues to expand every year, and this is our day to celebrate.”

In recent years Polaris has made an effort to reach new customers, from introducing new mid-size snowmobiles, to partnering with Zero Motorcycles to produce electric motryclces and ORVs.

Since partnering with IFRD last year, Polaris has expanded its efforts to champion the growth of female riders and help broaden their voice in the industry with the launch of their Empowersports Women’s Riding Council. Comprised of 12 women who are riders, adventurers, leaders and entrepreneurs, the council members work with Polaris to drive industry inclusion and representation of women and to inspire more ladies to participate in powersports.

“Every day, scores of women put on their helmet and point their ride towards an open road, mountain or trail,” said Pam Kermisch, Polaris chief customer engagement and growth officer. “IFRD is about taking a moment to celebrate how incredible that sisterhood is while encouraging female riders to bring along other women in their lives to share in the riding experience. We believe in uplifting the voices of our female riders across the powersports industry. Helping female ridership flourish and creating a sense of community is important for women, as well as the powersports community.”

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