KLIM, Avalanche Alliance and Elevated Riders announce creation of new beacon check stations

Avalanches arguably pose the largest safety threat to backcountry snowmobilers in Western and mountainous communities. Even professional industry athletes have tragically succumbed to them in the past, as evidenced by the unexpected death of Rob Kincaid last season.

An unquestionable industry standard for enhanced safety while riding is an avalanche transceiver beacon, which provides a signaled location of anyone that has been buried. However, beacons are technology, and technology sometimes fails (it’s still to-be-determined whether Kincaid’s beacon had failed or was not turned on).

This season Avalanche Alliance is proud to announce their latest safety initiative, helping provide beacon check stations to five major snowmobile-parking areas in Island Park, Idaho. Funds for four check stations come from Avalanche Alliance fundraising activities and the 2020 KLIM Frozen Cow Tag Snowbike Ride. Elevated Riders have designed and built the stations, and provided funds for the remaining check station.

The new check stations will help riders verify their avalanche transceivers are turned on and transmitting a signal before leaving the parking area.

No stranger to advocating safety, KLIM, Avalanche Alliance and AIARE announced in September a partnership to giveaway a custom-built snowmobile this upcoming season, plus a KLIM gear kit and three more prizes to raise funds for the AIARE non-profit in support of avalanche training initiatives.

In order to seek the thrill of the ride, you have to be alive to ride another time. Is your shop doing anything to help promote safety awareness this season?

— Nick Longworth, staff reporter, nlongworth at epgmediallc.com

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Rob Kincaid