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Avalanche Alliance raises $75,000, announces 2023 sweepstakes

The Avalanche Alliance has announced results from its 2022 sweepstakes, which raised over $75,000 for motorized community safety. A total of $45,000 was awarded to seven U.S.-based Avalanche Centers and an additional $30,000 in motorized community scholarships for the upcoming snow season.

The fourth-annual Avalanche Alliance Sweepstakes, which opened September 1 and closes December 10, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. MST, will officially kick off at the 56th Hay Days powersports festival on Sept. 9-10, in North Branch, Minnesota.

Now in its fourth year, the Avalanche Alliance sweepstakes unites snowmobilers, snowbikers, manufacturers, avalanche centers and riders in a collective effort to endorse avalanche safety initiatives.

“We created the Avalanche Alliance to help make tangible progress on our goal of minimizing avalanche-related fatalities,” says John Summers, VP of marketing, KLIM. “Working with AIARE on this fundraising initiative also stands to help people become more educated about avalanche safety and why it’s necessary. We have all felt the impact of avalanche tragedies, and we are committed to enlightening our motorized community and raising awareness about the necessity of proper avalanche training.”

A range of grants from $2,100 to $10,000 were allocated to seven national Avalanche Centers in support of motorized-focused projects and programs, including installing new weather and beacon check stations, funding snowmobile operations with daily avalanche forecasts in high-motorized zones and enhancing snowmobile education and outreach through robust motorized ambassador programs.

“The sweepstakes plays a big role in easing the financial burden of avalanche training and education for motorized users in the U.S.,” says Vickie Hormuth, executive director, AIARE. “We’re committed to bringing the motorized community together for greater avalanche safety and education and are already looking forward to working together with KLIM and the Avalanche Alliance to launch the 2023 sweepstakes.”

According to Hormuth, over the past three winters, AIARE has awarded 134 scholarships to the motorized community: 67 recreational, 26 instructor and 41 professional.

The fourth-annual 2023 Avalanche Alliance Sweepstakes, which opened September 1 and closes December 10, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. MST, will officially kick off at the 56th Hay Days powersports festival on Sept. 9-10, in North Branch, Minnesota.

The official Hay Days kick off, from now until September 10, will credit 40% more entries just by clicking the link below, which will automatically enter the promo code, or simply type “HAYDAYS” into the promo code box.

The goal for this year’s sweepstakes is for the motorized snowsport community to join forces and raise funds for avalanche education scholarships while expanding avalanche forecasts in high-motorized areas across the nation. This is an opportunity to show solidarity in reducing avalanche fatalities for motorized users.

The 2023 Avalanche Alliance Sweepstakes Grand Prize includes a customized 2023 Polaris Patriot Boost RMK Khaos Slash 165 2.75″ upgraded with a custom ArcticFX Graphics wrap, IceAge Performance Rails, HELLFIRE wheels, STRYKER A-Arms and ELEVATE spindles, SLP MoHawk skis, head, silencer and clutch kit, ZRP master cylinder cover, a lightweight rotor, titanium bolt kit and billet steering post, Pro Armor Bumpers and a Seat Concepts seat. First, second and third prizes include a Marlon Xplore PRO II sled deck, KLIM head-to-toe winter package, an Arctic Cat ZR 200 and an Ortovox safety package.

With a mission to raise avalanche awareness, facilitate training and improve backcountry safety for motorized users, proceeds from this year’s sweepstakes will be awarded to Avalanche Centers in support of motorized-focused programs, Avalanche Alliance Scholarship Programs and Avalanche Alliance Ambassador Training & Community Education Initiatives. A grant program has been envisioned by Avalanche Alliance members as a way to strengthen the motorized snowsports community’s connection with Avalanche Centers and support the work they are doing for snowmobilers, snowbikers and more.

For more info on the 2023 Avalanche Alliance sweepstakes, with donations starting at $25, visit:

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