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Oh yes, it’s that fast: all-new 2021 Sea-Doo RXP-X 300

There are people who love on-water performance, and then there are people who LOVE on-water performance. For those in the latter category, BRP is launching an all-new version of its high-performance Sea-Doo RXP-X 300.

Designed to be the ultimate, supercharged on-water experience, the 2021 model delivers best-in-class acceleration along with a new water-gripping hull design for incredible handling.

The 2021 Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 is completely redesigned, ushering in a new wave of high-performance features focused on improved control and enhanced acceleration.

Enhancements to the 2021 Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 start with shedding 67 pounds (30kg) from its predecessor. And a new T3-R hull with a completely revamped deep-V design provides greater stability at high speeds, something everyone from experienced weekend riders to professional racers can appreciate. It all translates into incredible performance and a more confident ride, whether doing a high-speed run on a glassy lake, taking on choppy conditions, or carving around buoys on a race course.

Pushing performance even further is a new seating configuration that helps riders feel more at one with the machine, allowing them to lock in their focus on the task at hand.  This, plus expanded storage, LinQ accessory integration, and an optional 100-watt Bluetooth sound system make the onboard experience truly revolutionary.

“The 2021 Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 is the ultimate machine,” said Anthony Radetic, Sea-Doo racer and brand ambassador. “From the looks to the throttle response to the way it carves, the ride is incredible. I can’t wait to get out and race this thing!”

But the BRP obsession with the ultimate rider experience doesn’t stop there. Also new for 2021 is an industry-first Intelligent Debris Free pump system (iDF), which quickly and effectively clears debris from the water pump intake with a touch of a button. Now, touring and adventure riders can explore more areas with greater peace of mind. The iDF system is available on four 2021 Sea-Doo watercraft models and is standard on the FISH PRO and GTX Limited models.

“Debris such as seaweed and other vegetation is a constant challenge for riders, regardless of whether they’re taking a joy ride on a lake or running weed lines offshore like I do,” said Bri Andrassy, Sea-Doo Fish Pro ambassador. “The BRP design and engineering teams listened, and this revolutionary new iDF technology is going to be a gamechanger to make it an easier, less-stressful ride.”

Technological advancements like iDF are what set Sea-Doo apart. In this case, the focus is on lowering stress. In other cases, it’s about enhancing performance or providing the ultimate high-end on-water experience. And this year, Sea-Doo is taking riding to the next level with the launch of a 7.8-in. wide full-color LCD display on the luxurious Sea-Doo GTX family of watercraft. It is the industry’s first app-enabled Bluetooth display, providing full control of music, navigation, weather and more, all while keeping both hands on the handlebars.

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  1. The 300 sounds nice but my question is: Is there a continuous drain in the foot wells so water doesn’t collect when stored outdoors? (Covers trap ant moisture and cause mildew, discoloration and adhesive failure of the glues down pads.)

    1. Lift the tongue of the trailer. A drain to the hull would cause hull to fill with water while riding!

      If you use the watercraft you would understand more than your storage issues

    2. My advice is to either keep it in a garage, or to keep it covered up one way or another. Pretty simple and fairly reasonable investment for a fairly expensive toy!!! Ya think?

    3. Evan a hole the size of a quarter would probably quickly fill up with debris. At our dealership, we had some tripods made with a trailer ball welded on the top. They are about 30″ tall, and we put them under the trailer hitch when they are being stored. Any water runs right off.

  2. You just have to tip the legs on your lift or whatever storage method you use, so that the footwells drain when stored.

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