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Watch AR’s Kevin Duke interview with stars of ‘The Bikeriders’ movie

Kevin Duke, editor of American Rider magazine and a real “bikerider” himself, got a chance of a lifetime to interview the stars of the new Hollywood blockbuster film The Bikeriders.

Austin Butler is part of the star-studded cast of The Bikeriders, which opens on June 21.

The film is about a midwestern motorcycle club from the 1960s that hits theaters on June 21. The movie was inspired by a book of the same name originally published in 1968, which chronicled the characters and exploits of the Chicago Outlaws Motorcycle Club as it morphs from a friendly association to a biker gang.

Duke says all the motorcycles used in the film are period-correct 1960s models, and their authentic sounds literally rumble the theater seats.

The day after watching the movie, I attended a junket hosted by the studio and interviewed the actors listed above, as well as director Nichols. We also caught up with the film’s stunt coordinator, Jeff Milburn, who was featured in the December 2023 issue of American Rider. Milburn is a total bike nut, and he was tasked by Nichols to make sure all the motorcycle elements in the movie were authentic.

Kevin Duke, editor of American Rider

Check out these interviews to learn about the efforts involved in bringing vintage motorcycles to the big screen. Then, go to theaters on June 21 to see the film for yourself!

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  1. Not really all that excited that this movie is coming out. We have enough stress across the nation in general, and this piles on by showing bikers in a very negative light. Yeah, it’s just a movie but we have a society that already has an unfavorable view of bikers. We routinely see it in news and social media comments as well as in our store. We sell other products as well so we get to hear comments made by non-riders. There’s a reason Honda’s original ad campaign of meeting the nicest people on a Honda continues to teach a lesson today.

    1. Sorry to hear you’re not happy about the movie. You’ll miss out on a great film and some exceptional acting performances. I also worry about the perception of motorcycling, but let’s not forget this is a story based on real people in a club from a half century ago. It’s more real than most things coming out of Hollywood.

  2. I enjoy riding motorcycles ever since my friend invited me, and I bought a Harley Davidson. We go on rides with other bikers to dizzying places, and I’ve come to enjoy these kinds of movies. I can’t wait to watch this movie in the theater.

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