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BMW announces R 12 nineT, R 12 pricing and availability updates

BMW has released details on two models that will replace the BMW R nineT: the 2024 BMW R 12 nineT and the new cruiser-styled R 12. The “12” in the names of these two models comes from their 1,170cc boxer Twin, and both bikes feature a new frame, new technology, and other updates.

BMW is replacing the popular R nineT with two new models dubbed the “12” for R 12 nineT and R 12 that feature the 1,170cc boxer engine. (Photos: BMW Motorrad USA)

BMW set the MSRP for the R 12 nineT at $16,295 and $12,345 MSRP for the R 12, plus destination. BMW also revised its original launch date of Q1 to Q2 of this year.

With the introduction of the original R nineT in 2013, BMW Motorrad had more than just a classic-style roadster. It combined classic motorcycle design and modern technology with craftsmanship and customization options, leading to a whole family of roadsters for the BMW Motorrad Heritage line.

“Ten years ago, we at BMW Motorrad introduced the R nineT, which established the classic bike segment,” says Edgar Heinrich, head of design at BMW Motorrad. “The new R 12 series takes this emotional, original motorcycle riding path even further: with clearer lines, a more consistent implementation in each segment, and greater customization possibilities.”

The new BMW R 12 nineT and R 12 are classic cruisers and roadsters that combine the torquey character of the boxer engine and the design of traditional motorcycle eras with innovative technology and a modular concept that offers the rider many customization options. Reduction to the essentials and attention to detail were key priorities in the development of the design.

The 2024 BMW R 12 nineT and R 12 are classic cruisers and roadsters that combine the design of traditional motorcycle eras with modern technology.


The trend started by the R nineT has given rise to customization over the years. BMW Motorrad says it is catering to this demand in the new R 12 and R 12 nineT. Accordingly, the new Heritage line is built on a common, versatile chassis with a new one-piece trellis frame, an airbox positioned flat under the seat and an angled rear shock. This allows for different, interchangeable tank shapes allowing for more individual looks. It also offers freedom in designing the seats and fly lines.


On the BMW R 12 nineT, the aluminum tank with brushed and clear-coated side panels, the seat, and the tail hump create a rising, dynamic line. “The purist design language is dominated by the clear tank/seat/rear line, in the style of the traditional /5 or the legendary R 90 S of the ’70s,” Heinrich comments. “At first glance, the tank itself is a classic BMW boxer tank, with a typical bend in the lower edge and classic knee contact. The new R 12 nineT also features side covers in the area of the frame triangle for an authentic Roadster look – another reminiscence of BMW motorcycles of the 1970s.”

The compact and short tail section supports the design focus. The shorter fuel tank, which is 1.2 inches shorter and narrower in the rear, ensures significantly improved ergonomics and a more front-oriented seating position compared to the R nineT. The R 12 nineT also has a seat height of 31.3 inches, while the R 12 offers a lower 29.7-inch seat height.

The BMW R 12 nineT and R 12, are each available in three attractive color options. The R 12 nineT comes in standard Blackstorm Metallic, with an optional San Remo Green Metallic. Option 719 “Aluminum” is a brushed Aluminum/Night Black.

The R 12 comes standard in Blackstorm Metallic and optional in Aventurine Red Metallic. Option 719, “Thorium,” comes in Avus Silver Metallic.


For the past 100 years, the two-cylinder boxer engine and shaft drive have been synonymous with BMW motorcycles. In line with this legacy, the new BMW R 12 nineT and R 12 models, released in the “100 Years of BMW Motorrad” anniversary year, emphasize this distinctive powertrain configuration.

The air/oil-cooled boxer engine with a 101 mm bore, 73 mm stroke, and 1,170 cc capacity delivers 109 hp in the R 12 nineT at 7,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 85 lb-ft. is reached at 6,500 rpm. In the R 12, 95 hp are available at 6,500 rpm and 81 lb-ft. are generated at 6,000 rpm. The maximum engine speed is 8,500 rpm.


The R 12 models feature a new airbox as part of the complete chassis redesign. Unlike the previous R nineT series, the airbox no longer has an air intake duct located below the tank. It is now fully integrated under the seat.

The new BMW R 12 model’s centerpiece is the new trellis steel frame, which reduces weight and gives it a cleaner appearance.


The new BMW R 12 model’s centerpiece is the new trellis steel frame. This frame differs from the previous R nineT series, which had a two-piece front main frame. As a result, the new frame eliminates the need for previous fastenings, reducing weight and giving the new R 12 models a cleaner and more classic appearance. The rear frame, also made of tubular steel, is bolted to the main frame.

“The completely new, now one-piece tubular spaceframe provides an even cleaner and more classic appearance,” says Bart Janssen Groesbeek, vehicle designer at BMW Motorrad.

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