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Polaris unveils 2025 snowmobile lineup

Polaris has launched its 2025 snowmobile and Timbersled lineups, introducing its patented DYNAMIX suspension technology, a lighter RMK lineup, the new RMK SP and 650 Titan Adventure widetrack models and expanded availability of the Patriot 9R engine.

Riders have the opportunity to build their dream snowmobiles through SnowCheck, Polaris’ customization order program for customers, which is available through March 27, 2024.

The Polaris 2025 snowmobile lineup presents its new DYNAMIX suspension, RMK models that are up to seven pounds lighter, expanded Patriot 9R engine availability and the all-new 650 Titan Adventure. Photos courtesy of Polaris

“We are continuously working to redefine what’s possible, and we do so by listening to our riders and designing a lineup that delivers the best experience on snow,” says Jenny Nack, vice president and general manager, Polaris Snow. “With our 2025 snowmobile lineup, we are introducing new features, technology or upgrades across nearly every one of our snow segments. Trail riders will discover reinvented suspension technology with our patented DYNAMIX for improved handling and added confidence on the trails. Our RMK mountain riders will be excited for the added control thanks to lighter sleds, as well as a new RMK option that makes mountain riding more approachable. Plus, we have enhanced capability and agility for those using their snowmobiles for utility work, but also want to have some fun on the trails.”

Trail – suspension and engine

The DYNAMIX suspension is available on the 2025 INDY VR1 via SnowCheck exclusive. Polaris’ DYNAMIX technology is the only electronic system on the market that controls all four shocks to smooth out bumps and help flatten any corner along and provide added balance to give the rider additional control. The DYNAMIX Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) senses vehicle movement and automatically adjusts shock compression to the premier trail handling on the snow.

Polaris also listened to feedback and is bringing the Patriot 9R engine to the INDY XCR and Switchback Assault as a part of its 2025 lineup. Proven in the mountains, the 9R engine will deliver corner-to-corner acceleration and fast response for thrill-seekers on or off trails.


The Polaris Rocky Mountain King (RMK) is known for its instant lift, effortless control and immediate response, and is now even and lighter. At up to seven pounds lighter, the RMK lineup features a new throttle to make it easier for riders to maneuver in deep snow conditions. The weight reduction also provides an improved power-to-weight ratio resulting in easier direction changes. In addition, the 2025 Patriot Boost and Patriot 9R PRO RMK and RMK Khaos models feature new running boards, drive shaft and ergonomic updates with a lower seat height that allows for a more predictable and comfortable backcountry riding experience.

Polaris is expanding the RMK lineup with an all-new RMK SP that offers a high-quality mountain sled starting at $13,999. The RMK SP suspension features Polaris IFP shocks calibrated to be more controllable and easier to ride. Other features include a full-length, tapered tunnel, and a 155-inch track length enabling improved rider connection to the sled. The RMK SP is an approachable mountain sled for riders looking to explore the beauty and adventure of backcountry riding.


The 2025 lineup also offers exciting news for riders who use their snowmobiles for both work and play with the new 650 TITAN Adventure. Built on the proven Matryx platform with the quick accelerating 650 Patriot engine, the TITAN Adventure is the most capable widetrack in Polaris history designed for those who need to do it all.

Polaris’ 2025 lineup offers the new 650 TITAN Adventure, built on the proven Matryx platform with the quick accelerating 650 Patriot engine.

With features like the all-new, patented BackTrak20 Rear Suspension and Trailbreaker skis, the TITAN can climb on top of the snow better than any previous model – in forward or reverse – making it the ultimate job aid for utility riders. The 650 TITAN Adventure boasts a lineup of 12 new Polaris-engineered accessories, from hub house carriers to tool holders to an electric chainsaw mount and more.

Rounding out the technology offerings, the 2025 lineup boasts an optional 7-inch Display powered by RIDE COMMAND. The Polaris-exclusive display has dedicated GPS mapping and connected rider technology, all without needing cellular connection. Key features for 2025 include public and private land information for confident riding throughout the U.S., re-integrated Wi-Fi capabilities on select models to make connecting to your sled easier, an upgraded five-way joystick to improve control over the display and various technological enhancements to keep the technology faster and efficient.

An industry favorite Group Ride is available on all 7S displays and allows riders to ride at their own pace while still staying connected and communicating with others they are riding with. The system’s integrated Bluetooth in the 7S Display allows riders to connect to their mobile device and sync their account whenever they want.

In addition to technology advancements, the Polaris Snow model year 2025 lineup features more than 20 quality improvements to help deliver the best riding experience on snow. Among the improvements include a new P22 Forged Spider Cover and Clutch Bolts, and new rail caps for Matryx RMK models, all of which will improve sled durability and performance for riders.


SnowCheck launched for 2025 snowmobile model ordering on March 4 and will run through March 27. SnowCheck allows customers to get exclusive factory customization to build their dream sled choosing model, engine, colors, options and technology with up to a four-year warranty. Originally introduced with model year 2024, Polaris is again offering a SnowCheck Ship Guarantee*, which promises all 2025 SnowCheck orders will ship by November 30, 2024.

Timbersled lineup

For 2025, Timbersled is delivering the new Timbersled RIOT, now the most versatile snow bike kit available. Timbersled has added a limiter strap that can easily be added to the Timbersled RIOT platform in five minutes or less and allows riders to customize their ride for their preferred style or the day’s snow conditions. Installing the limiter strap will provide a more precise, technical riding style while removing it provides the agility and playfulness expected of the Timbersled RIOT. With the addition of the limiter strap, Timbersled can now satisfy riders with one kit – Timbersled RIOT.

Timbersled has added a limiter strap that can easily be added to the Timbersled RIOT platform in five minutes or less and allows riders to customize their ride for their preferred style or the day’s snow conditions.

Discover the complete 2025 lineup on the Timbersled website, along with the latest in partnered accessories and details for the SnowCheck spring order program.

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