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Polaris takes Gen 2 RZR Pro R Factory to San Felipe 250

The Polaris Factory Racing team maintained their UTV racing dominance at the 2024 SCORE Championship, which kicked off at the 37th San Felipe 250. Cayden MacCachren claimed first UTV Overall and 2023 UTV Pro Open Champion Brock Heger secured second. The recently unveiled Gen 2 Polaris RZR Pro R Factory race vehicle performed flawlessly through the grueling 285-mile course.

Fellow Polaris-supported racers secured the top finishes in UTV overall with Branden Sims in third to sweep the podium, Kristen Matlock in fifth and Polaris Factory Racing teammate Max Eddy Jr. in sixth, respectively. 

Polaris Gen 2 RZR Pro R Factory Race UTV
At the 2024 SCORE Championship, which kicked off at the 37th San Felipe 250, Cayden MacCachren claimed first UTV Overall and 2023 UTV Pro Open Champion Brock Heger secured second. Photos courtesy of Polaris

The starting order for the race was determined by random draw, from which Heger started in ninth, Craig Scanlon was 15th, Eddy Jr. 16th and MacCachren 18th. As the race got underway, Heger and his RZR Pro R Factory quickly took over the lead by mile marker 47. Teammates Eddy Jr. and MacCachren also made quick work of the competition ahead of them, moving swiftly from their starting positions to third and fifth within the same time. By race mile 150, Heger held a strong and commanding lead due to his methodical driving, with Eddy Jr. closing in on second. MacCachren had also gained a position, sitting in fourth.

Throughout the next 100 miles, the Polaris Factory Racing drivers showcased the true power, strength and control of the Gen 2 RZR Pro R Factory machines, tackling what many said to be the toughest and most grueling track on the Peninsula to date. By mile marker 200, the three factory racers were in position to sweep the podium with Heger first, Eddy Jr. second and MacCachren third.

Over the final 50 miles of the race, MacCachren put his head down and began making up significant time on the leaders. By race mile 240, he was thirty seconds behind Heger on corrected time and third place physically on track. MacCachren continued to pick up the pace and decided to get crafty with his line selection, taking an alternative route in an effort to make up time , which ultimately paid dividends when he came out in second physically. He was able to gain on Heger enough to take the checkered and secure the victory by a mere 13-seconds on corrected time at 5:14:05.

Polaris Factory Racing would have taken the UTV Pro Open class podium sweep, but a time penalty for Eddy Jr. due to two missed VCP markers and a speed violation after the race dropped him from third to fifth, respectively. Craig Scanlon persevered throughout the race, working his way from 15th at the start to seventh by the checkered flag.

The Polaris Factory Racing team maintained their UTV racing dominance at the 2024 SCORE Championship, which kicked off at the 37th San Felipe 250.

“It feels incredible to kick off the 2024 SCORE season where I left off at the Baja 1000, with an overall victory,” MacCachren said. “This San Felipe course was beyond brutal and unlike anything we’ve experienced before but my RZR Pro R Factory performed incredibly. I didn’t think our vehicles could get any better but this Gen 2 machine is unreal, with incredible power and control while staying planted in the roughest parts of the course.”

“Today was unreal. To see our Polaris Factory Racing team completely dominate the field and come away with a 1-2 overall is a true testament to this program,” said Alex Scheuerell, Polaris Factory Racing Technical Director. “Our team worked so hard to develop this new Gen 2 RZR Pro R Factory so it’s incredibly gratifying to see those efforts come to fruition and dominate the field. I want to thank the whole RZR engineering team for making such a great platform to start with, plus the Polaris race engineers and SCi group that built and prepped these impressive race machines.”

Gen 2 RZR Pro R Factory race modifications

  • All-New One-Piece Chassis – Using hard-fought lessons gathered from the inaugural season of racing, Polaris engineering set out to improve the strength and ergonomics of the chassis using the latest in CAD and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) technology. These efforts resulted in a weight-neutral frame that is stronger, stiffer and roomier, with a safety cage that is over two times stronger than the stringent FIA requirements. These enhancements collectively improve ergonomics, comfort and vehicle stability. After the design was complete, Polaris engineering utilized the expertise of Technique Inc., the sole provider of all NASCAR chassis, to manufacture the one-piece chromoly chassis using production weld fixtures.
  • Upgraded Front and Rear Bumpers – Equipped with new removable front and rear bumpers manufactured by Technique Inc., these modifications offer increased vehicle protection to handle the unique challenges of North American desert racing, including “nerfing,” a racing term for bumping someone from behind while attempting to make a pass. In addition, the new vehicle features upgraded mounts for spare tire carriers, jack mounts and tool kits, allowing the factory racers to confidently tackle each racecourse, knowing they can get out of tricky situations when needed.
  • New Factory Muffler – The Gen 2 RZR Pro R Factory features an all-new lightweight Polaris-engineered race muffler to maximize power, limit volume and refine the tone of the Prostar Fury 4 banger.
  • Improved Cage Design – Based on driver feedback, Polaris engineered an all-new cage to provide additional strength and cockpit room for the drivers while also delivering a more aggressive look.
  • Alcon High-Performance Brake System – With its race-proven technology and world-leading brake systems, Alcon USA delivered its high-performance complete brake systems, including rotors, opposed-piston calipers and dual master cylinders to the Polaris Factory Racing team. To allow drivers to push the machine further in the harshest conditions, these high-performance brake components are more durable and designed to resist fade caused by high temperatures and excessive use.
  • DYNAMIX Suspension Control Module – The Gen 2 RZR Pro R Factory features FOX 0 Live Valve X2 Internal Bypass shocks with a new in-house race-tuned DYNAMIX DV Suspension Control Module. This new system is precisely calibrated for open desert racing, providing drivers with four new suspension modes, including Comfort, Baja Soft, Baja Medium, Baja Firm, allowing them to keep the vehicle firmly planted through corners and floating across the roughest whoop sections. These settings were specifically developed based on race driver feedback.
  • MoTeC Components – The naturally aspirated four-cylinder stock ProStar Fury 2.0L remains at the heart of the RZR Pro R Factory. However, for GEN 2 Polaris partnered with MoTeC, the gold standard in off-road racing, to supply race-tuned electronic componentry, including ECU, electrical power distribution and switch panels, which provide endless configuration options and proven durability when tackling wide-open desert racing.
  • Carbon Fiber Prop Shaft – Upgraded from its previous steel design, the Gen 2 RZR Pro R Factory will feature an all-new aluminum and carbon fiber prop shaft to reduce weight and provide a higher torque capacity, and quicker acceleration.
  • Increased Carbon Fiber Bodywork – In an effort to increase the vehicle’s power to weight ratio and increase acceleration and overall speed, Polaris engineering focused on increasing carbon fiber throughout the vehicle’s body panels.
  • Increased Fuel System –To minimize the frequency of pit stops, the vehicles will be equipped with an upgraded ATL fuel cell with a range of up to 200 miles.
  • Upgraded Upper Control Arms – Factory-developed, newly designed upper control arms are stronger and stiffer while allowing for more adjustability for improved handling.

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