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Monday Motorbikes debuts at 12th annual The Quail Motorcycle Gathering

Attended by more than 3,000 people and with 250 bikes on display, the 12th annual The Quail Motorcycle Gathering in Carmel, California, was an ideal spot for Monday Motorbikes to make their 2022 debut.

The event included appearances by icons of motorcycle racing heritage and future design, a unique selection of local food and beverages, and a stunning display of the rarest, fastest, and most iconic motorcycles of the last 100 years.

Monday Motorbikes, forming partnerships with powersports dealerships every week, offered guest at The Quail the chance to participate in demo rides. Monday Motorbikes had the Anza and Presidio 750W models on display at The Quail.

“It was a phenomenal event for us,” said Chuck Schram, director of North American sales at Monday Motorbikes. “We had a tent sent up right and did 50 demo rides. The attendees loved the style of the bike, and they had the questions as always – how far does it go on a charge and how fast will it go, and how long does it take to charge?”

The answers? About 30 miles, 4-5 hours charge time and the 750 model tops out at 28 mph.

Anza retails for $2,199 (500W) and $2,899 (750W). The Presidio sells for $2,599 (500W) and $3,399 (750W).

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