Monday Motorbikes reveals the Piezo e-bike

Monday Motorbikes released the Piezo e-bike, now in production in the company’s manufacturing facility in Long Beach, California. Mitch Hackleman of Hacklemedia shared a review of his first ride on the Piezo, and we have summarized his review below:

The Piezo package includes a well executed power system and RF technologies. The tall bike includes a battery housed under an aluminum enclosure that is nestled into a tray between the frame rails. This lowers the bikes center of gravity.

The hardware is matched with an innovative display and app. The display reports the bikes charge, gear position, pedal assist level and speed. A watt meter is also continuously updated to help the rider gauge energy usage.

The 2023 Monday Motorbikes Piezo e-bike offers a smooth and quiet ride. Photos courtesy of Monday Motorbikes

An adjustable mono shock maintains the spare proportions over the swing arm. The seat is dual-stitched and comfortably padded and while the Piezo looks motorcycle serious, it maintains excellent pedal geometry and presents like a bike.

The battery cover houses a 2.4kWh or 2.8kWh lithium battery, providing enough energy to carry the bike over 70 miles. The battery can be changed in less than two minutes without any tools.

Power System:

  • Like Monday’s Anza programs, the Piezo retains the full Cafe Racer vibe.  
  • The Piezo 2kW hub motor is integrated into a cast alloy rear wheel and is smooth and quiet. The Piezo operates at a lower decibel level than the background noise of traffic. 
  • The Piezo is quiet, using a 2kW hub motor and that eliminates noise associated with a drive chain and sprocket. The motor is also fully enclosed in an IP67 water tight housing.
  • The power delivery is smooth enough to lift a rider’s spirits without lifting the front wheel, keeping the bike balanced and the rider safe.
  • The power bands in L / M / H are controlled by Monday’s programming tools. Many settings are included, from “Santa Monica Cruiser” to the San Francisco’s “Hyde Street Hill Climber.” In L, the motor controller is gated to about 500W and a top speed of 20 mph. In M, the bike is gated to 750W continuous output and 28 mph.  
Monday Motorbikes reveals its latest e-bike, ideal for urban commutes.
The Piezo’s braking hardware is motorcycle grade and DOT rated.

Suspension, brakes and handling:

  • The Piezo sits on Monday Motorbikes alloy wheels with a unique spoke design. The spokes are horizontal pillars between the rim and the hub. They are sturdy, well-proportioned and matched to the cooling fins on the hub motor. 
  • The bike rides on full motorcycle tires designed for wet and dry roads. For urban commuters and delivery riders, the tread design will shed water and protect against punctures.
  • The brakes are dual piston hydraulic front and rear and clamping on 220mm rotors. The braking hardware is motorcycle grade, DOT rated and well-modulated to deliver a stable braking experience. The suspension uses an adjustable rear mono shock and  front forks to allow about 150mm of compression.