Tucker’s new Shocker Gel Battery lineup launches nanogel technology

Twin Power’s new Shocker Gel Battery lineup launches nanogel technology,  innovative design and an affordable price to the motorcycle replacement battery market. Fort Worth-based Tucker will begin shipping the products to dealers this month.

There are numerous benefits to Shocker Gel cell batteries, all of which are particularly impactful in motorcycle applications. The extra thick plates and sealed packaging for the battery cells allows the units to be leak free, maintenance free, and vibration resistant.

Increased cycle life

In addition, riders love the increased cycle life, resistance to sulfation (chemical changes to the battery when it does not receive a full charge), wide operating temperature range and superior cold weather performance. Because of their design, gel cell batteries can be mounted at any angle, which is a great benefit for custom bike designers and builders.  

In addition to nanogel technology on the inside, the Shocker Gel battery doesn’t disappoint on the exterior, either. Twin Power included unique flush-mount battery terminals which provide consistent amperage transfer and eliminate the arcing and corrosion that can affect a traditional-style battery terminal. Shocker Batteries feature a robust ABS case with a matte black finish. A unique blue top identifies the gel series batteries.

Twin Power used an independent lab to test the Shocker Gel battery lineup for high-rate discharge, 10-hour discharge, vibration, short circuit and cold cranking amps.  

Twin Power’s new Shocker Gel line of batteries brings nanogel technology, flush-mount terminals and outstanding performance to the replacement battery market.

“We’ve tested the hell out of these batteries in the lab and on the road and we love their performance,” said James Simonelli, brand manager for Twin Power and Biker’s Choice brand products. “This is a true innovation in battery performance for motorcycles and we are really excited to be bringing it to the market. With nanogel technology and an affordable price, the Shocker Gel won’t let you down.”

Fitments are available in all popular 14, 20 and 32 Amp configurations. Retail prices are $112.15 for the 14 Amp model, $142.95 for the 20 Amp and $185.95 for the 32 Amp unit. 

Check out info on Tucker’s upcoming dealer training shows here.


— Dave McMahon, editor, dmcmahon at powersportsbusiness.com