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Continued snow: FXR 2021 catalog released as part of 25th anniversary

Every fall brings the excitement of winter and the chance to yet again explore the world’s most incredible playgrounds.

For 25 years, FXR has created high-performance outerwear for both world-class athletes, and everyday riders and their families alike.

The FXR brand has become trusted by more riders than any other, and today more than ever is dedicated to making sure that every rider has the best possible experience on snow, no other brand has more wins, more championships, and is worn by more riders worldwide.

For 2021, FXR brings your dealership more of FXR’s exclusive technology, such as FAST, Omni-Stretch, ACMT, and Dri-Link, in a wider variety of pieces to suit every type of rider and winter enthusiast.

Here’s a closer look at the lineup:


Are your dealership’s customers protected if things go wrong? FXR’s exclusive F.A.S.T. buoyancy assistance technology gives riders the best possible chance to get out of the water, and back onto the ice, assisting in self-levelling and keeping the rider at the surface, while rapid drain inserts remove the water to assist in climbing back onto the surface. Even when wet, F.A.S.T. insulation retains its thermal properties to keep body temperatures from dropping, allowing time to seek shelter.

F.A.S.T. offers protection without any compromise in comfort or performance, and is available in ALL Child/Youth outerwear, as well as a wide range of men’s and women’s jackets, pants, and monosuits.


Engineered for your dealership’s backcountry riders that need the highest level of performance, FXR’s Mountain Crossover line utilizes Omni-Stretch for maximum mobility, and ACMT to keep the rider dry and fight condensation throughout the ride.

Other advancements for 2021 include FXR’s exclusive M-Series Omni-Stretch material found throughout the collection, it flexes and moves with the rider for unrestricted mobility. FXR has expanded the Dri-Link system options in the crossover category. The extremely versatile design, which delivers the protection of a monosuit and the mobility and fit of two-piece, is available in more jacket options for 2021.


Welcome to the world of FXR Ride X, an electrifying new category for FXR in 2021. Ride X features a combination of highly technical features from current Winter Outerwear, and infuses it with a Slopestyle energy all it’s own. Wear the pinnacle in technology, versatility, performance and protection from FXR.


FXR continues to be bold and fashion forward leading the way with color and style selection. The company has introduced new colors for 2021 throughout its outerwear and equipment that will allow riders to create their unique, personalized look.


For those customers who are motivated to push their limits at any given opportunity, FXR’s Rockstar collection is ready to step up to the plate. If your dealership’s customers are part of the small breed of riders that are willing to hold themselves to a higher standard, refuse to settle for anything less than your best effort, and are always striving to improve, then FXR’s Rockstar collection has the look, combined with durable features that will stand up to the abuse.


Exclusive rider-inspired fit and technology is found throughout FXR’s equipment line up. New products were all designed with one common goal, to enhance your customers’ riding experience with innovative features and industry leading performance.

Click the image below to view the 2021 lineup.

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