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Segway launches ‘Summer Savings’ program with Octane

Segway Powersports has announced its “Full Send Summer Savings” program with Octane, aimed at enabling consumers access to the company’s lineup of off-road machines.

The collaboration introduces an unprecedented promotional offer: customers can choose between a 0% APR financing rate for 36 months or a rebate of up to $3,500 on select 2023 and 2024 models. This initiative shows Segway’s commitment to enhancing affordability and accessibility for all enthusiasts.

“The decision to team up with Octane reflects our dedication to empowering consumers with unparalleled incentives. In a flat market, our focus remains firmly on the customer experience, ensuring that acquiring our units is feasible and rewarding. This promotion furthers our mission to innovate and lead in the Powersports industry.”

Gabriel Cruz, marketing director of Segway Powersports

With over 300% growth in the wholesale and retail sectors during Q1 of 2024, Segway Powersports continues to surge in market influence and customer satisfaction. Whether through enticing financing options or substantial rebates, Segway Powersports is helping enthusiasts afford a new powersports vehicle.

“Octane shares our vision of innovation and customer-first strategies,” adds Jason Walling, vice president of sales and marketing of Segway Powersports. “By launching the Full Send Summer Saving program, we are setting a new benchmark in the powersports industry, ensuring that enthusiasts can experience the excitement of Segway Powersports vehicles with unprecedented affordability.”

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