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Verge to open two retail stores in California

Verge Motorcycles will open its first U.S. stores in Los Angeles and San Jose, California, in June. The company believes California is using the launch to roll out its new direct-to-consumer retail format. George Blankenship, who contributed to the success of Apple and Tesla retail stores, developed Verge’s store strategy.

Verge Motorcycles will open its first retail location at Westfield Century City Shopping Center in Los Angeles on June 1, and the second store will open at Westfield Valley Fair Mall in San Jose on June 6. (Photo: Verge Motorcycles)

Blankenship’s retail networks and industry experience will play an important role as the electric motorcycle company opens its first U.S. stores.

“I see the same potential in Verge as I did at Apple two decades ago and Tesla one decade ago when those companies set out to completely redefine their industries. I want Verge to be positioned wherever lots of people spend time on a regular basis finding new things they might be surprised to see. Westfield Century City is one of the best shopping centers in the world, making it a perfect place for us to start our store operations in the United States.”

George Blankenship, Verge’s chief revenue officer

Verge Motorcycles believes the West Coast has the right conditions to successfully launch its U.S. business. Motorcycling is popular in the region, and residents there have always been early adopters of innovative technologies. California also has the most extensive electric vehicle charging network in the country. In June of last year, Verge confirmed its plan to utilize Tesla’s NACS charging connector which means all bikes from day-one will be able to utilize the expansive Tesla Supercharger network.

George Blankenship’s retail networks and industry experience will play an important role as Verge opens its first U.S. stores.

“The United States is already seen as one of our most important markets. Many of the pre-orders for our bikes have come from the western region of the U.S. and California consumers in particular are widely known for appreciating and adopting new innovations. Our new stores in Los Angeles and San Jose will begin the rollout of our Verge experience to as many American motorcycle enthusiasts as possible.”

Pekka Parnanen, chief operating officer of Verge USA

In November, at the LA Auto Show, Verge launched its’ new Starmatter platform, which brings software updates, sensor technology, artificial intelligence and an advanced user interface to motorcycling for the first time. At CES in Las Vegas, Verge announced an update to its flagship model with Starmatter Vision features, including multiple cameras and high-resolution radar, making Verge TS Ultra the first motorcycle equipped with the sense of sight.

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