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Blackmans Cycle offers rare superbike with NFT token

Chris Line, marketing director at Blackmans Cycle in Northeast Pennsylvania, recently reached out to PSB regarding a special project the dealership was working on. Blackmans just so happens to have the only brand-new 2023 Aprilia XTrenta 1100 available for sale in the United States.

Blackmans Cycle in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, has the only 2023 Aprilia XTrenta in the country that is still brand new. (Photo credit: Blackmans Cycle)

Rather than selling the bike in a more traditional manner, the team at Blackmans decided to spice up the sale of this incredible track bike by commissioning a web developer to mint a 1 of 1 Aprilia XTrenta NFT on the Polygon Block Chain for the person that ultimately buys the superbike.

The NFT has stats on the bike, including the actual XTrenta in animation form, the VIN #, and more, all within the animated Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Once the bike is purchased, the minted NFT will be given to the new owner via their own crypto/web 3 wallet.

The Aprilia is a rare track day superbike that is based on the MotoGP race bike and comes with 230 hp. Blackmans has No. 95 of 100. (Photo credit: Blackmans Cycle)

“It seems to be perfect timing, with Bitcoin approaching all-time highs and the NFT/crypto market really heading into a parabolic bull run,” says Line.

With the NFT project now complete for #95 of 100 Aprilia Xtrenta, Line says the person who purchases the last remaining new Xtrenta available will get the NFT with it to keep, sell, trade, or whatever they want.

Blackmans commissioned an NFT artist in San Francisco to produce a unique token that will go along with the purchase of the bike, and it serves to authenticate the ownership of the Xtrenta superbike.

This is the kind of “outside the box”’” marketing effort we love to hear about from our readers. Stay tuned for more about this project in an upcoming episode of the PSB Power Hour.

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