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Aprilia unveils the RS 660 Extrema

Aprilia has revealed the Extrema, the sportiest version of the current RS 660 model range. The name is reminiscent of that of the Aprilia 125 Extrema, one of the highest performances and fastest eighth liter ever, manufactured from 1992 to 1994.

Thanks to its refined and new standard equipment, RS 660 Extrema tips the scale with an amazing curb weight of 166 kg and sets a new bar in terms of weight to power ratio (which comes in at 100 hp, a record in its class). Weight to power ratio is fundamental for fun on the road and effective riding on the track.

Aprilia has revealed the Extrema, the sportiest version of the current RS 660 model range.

This milestone has been achieved by the special standard equipment which includes a new and lighter street-legal exhaust system, by SC Project, with carbon silencer positioned on the right side and no longer beneath the engine. It also comes with the black anodized aluminum silencer bracket which allows you to remove the passenger foot pegs, leading to even lighter weight. Also contributing to the overall reduction in weight is the brand-new design of the front mudguard and belly, both made of high-quality carbon.

The sporty nature of the RS 660 Extrema is also emphasized by the single-seat tail fairing, which replaces the passenger seat to enhance the sleek design of the rear area. The passenger seat comes with the bike, which maintains its two-up riding approval.

In addition to the standard electronics on the RS 660 (which include traction control, cornering ABS, engine brake, engine map and wheelie control – all adjustable) the RS 660 Extrema also has software that allows riders to set up quick shift in upside-down configuration. This means that the gearbox can be configured completely autonomously, without replacing any bike component, in street or race version – ideal for track days. The new dedicated white and red livery is sport-inspired and contributes to making it recognizable at a glance.

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