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LIQUI MOLY now available at Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper

The LIQUI MOLY oil and additive brand has become an official supplier for the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance for Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper distributor members.

“It is now easier for vehicle owners to access our OE approved lubricants and experience for themselves the quality of our motor oils made in Germany,” said Sebastian Zelger, CEO of LIQUI MOLY USA/Canada, in an official announcement.

In recent years, LIQUI MOLY has grown its North American presence in the import car segment. Many foreign nameplates, especially from Europe, require specific formulated motor oils that exceed the usual API specifications. “Of course as a German manufacturer, we have these special motor oils. Many car owners know us as the oil brand engineered for Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Partnering with AAPA helps us increase our market share into the domestic car segment as well as the import markets,” said Zelger in the announement.

Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance is a united group of independent distributors, auto parts stores and professional service repair shops across North America. The AAPA network operates both the Auto Value Parts and the Bumper to Bumper stores. “We are delighted to welcome The Alliance to the LIQUI MOLY family,” says Dave Bibb, Director of Sales for LIQUI MOLY USA. He also notes, “LIQUI MOLY is a premium brand that offers more than just oils, but also additives, service products and much more. It is unique to have such an extensive range of automotive chemicals under one brand.”

LIQUI MOLY also blends and supplies oils for domestic and Asian models, with oils carrying the very latest API SP and Ilsac GF-6 certifications and assigned viscosities. Included within this lubricant segment is the popular MOLYGEN line of oils. LIQUI MOLY primarily developed the MOLYGEN oils for American and Asian models.

“This high-quality oil line is green in color and features high wear protection along with an ‘oil leak’ finding feature popular with DIY’ers,” said Zelger. “For us, the job is not finished when the jobber store or repair shop has a few canisters of our oils and additives on the shelf. The job is only completed when the workshop can use our products optimally. That’s why, at Auto Value and at Bumper to Bumper, we will provide the professionals with tips and training on how best to use which chemical tools.”

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