Honda unveils 2023 returning motorcycle models, new “Bagger” Rebel

Honda has announced the return of 11 on-road motorcycle models, including the all-new Rebel 1100T DCT. From cruisers to miniMOTOs, scooters and sport bikes, the reveal includes a diverse range of motorcycles that showcase the range of Honda’s lineup.

The highlight of the announcement is the new “T” trim level of the Rebel 1100 platform. The Rebel 1100T DCT builds on the success of Honda’s “new-school” cruiser platform with “bagger” styling (including wind protection and substantial cargo space), as well as Honda’s advanced dual clutch transmission (DCT).

In addition to this new version, the standard Rebel 1100 is back in both manual-transmission and DCT iterations. Other confirmed returning 2023 cruisers include the Rebel 500 and 300—offered in several trim levels and new colors for 2023—as well as the classic Shadow Aero and bobber-inspired Shadow Phantom.

Returning sport bike models include the value-driven CBR1000RR, the agile CBR600RR and the entry-level sport-naked CB300R. The touring focused NC750X continues to deliver incredible versatility for 2023, and it’s available with DCT or a manual transmission. A pair of miniMOTO models—the best-selling Super Cub and the nostalgic Monkey—both feature available ABS and receive new colors for the new model year. The adventure inspired ADV150 scooter is back for 2023 as well.

“This announcement covers nearly every category of on-road motorcycle, which is a testament to how deep our product offering is,” said Brandon Wilson, manager of Sports and Experiential at American Honda. “While each model has a distinct goal in mind, they all benefit from Honda’s renowned premium build quality and reliability. Whether it’s for the first-time rider or the weekend warrior, we’re committed to delivering the best possible ownership and riding experiences to all of our passionate two-wheel customers.”

REBEL 1100

In just the two short years since its introduction, Honda’s versatile Rebel 1100 has made waves in the cruiser market, with a “new-school” cruiser design that’s equally adept at relaxed Sunday outings, dynamic backroad carving and longer-distance highway touring. For 2023, the platform is even more capable, with a new “T” trim level that offers “bagger” styling and convenience. The Rebel 1100T DCT comes standard with a large windscreen, as well as hard saddlebags that offer a combined 35 liters of space, giving riders added comfort and cargo storage.

Still available are the two standard Rebel 1100 versions (manual transmission and dual-clutch transmission), making for a broadened cruiser platform capable of delivering myriad riding experiences. All three versions feature a high-performance, water-cooled parallel-twin engine with plenty of power for the highway and acceleration for spirited riding, along with comfortable ergonomics, a relaxed riding position and sporty handling. For those who want to make the Rebel their own, a long list of Honda Accessories are offered.



Rebel 1100T DCT $11,299

Rebel 1100 DCT: $10,099

Rebel 1100: $9,499


Rebel 1100T DCT: Metallic Black; Bordeaux Red Metallic

Rebel 1100 DCT: Iridium Gray Metallic; Green Metallic

Rebel 1100: Iridium Gray Metallic; Green Metallic

Available: December

Honda 2023 Rebel 1100T DCT Metallic Black

REBEL 500 / REBEL 300

Honda’s Rebel 300 and Rebel 500 offer a potent combination of approachable performance and head-turning style. These cruisers’ 471cc and 286cc engines provide plenty of power for getting around town or cruising on the highway, and their smooth, linear delivery contributes to their user-friendly nature. Comfortable ergonomics provide a relaxed riding position and complement their balanced handling. Both models are available in standard and ABS versions, and the Rebel 500 ABS SE includes numerous pre-installed add-ons from the extensive list of Honda Accessories. With their minimalist design, iconic peanut fuel tank, LED lighting and blacked-out engine components, the Rebel 300 and Rebel 500 have a timeless look that any rider can appreciate.


Rebel 500 ABS SE: $6,949

Rebel 500 ABS: $6,749

Rebel 500: $6,449

Rebel 300 ABS: $5,049

Rebel 300: $4,749


Rebel 500 ABS SE: Titanium Metallic

Rebel 500: Matte Black Metallic; Candy Blue

Rebel 300: Matte Black Metallic; Candy Diesel Red

Available: December

Honda 2023 Rebel 300 Black


Old school never goes out of style. With a large front fender, chrome headlights, low-slung seat, spoke wheels and of course a V-twin engine with swept-back twin exhausts, Honda’s Shadow Aero embodies the classic cruiser appearance. Its retro look is paired with modern technology like programmed fuel injection, a shaft final drive and available ABS for a safe, comfortable and reliable ride. From coastal cruises to winding mountain roads, the Shadow Aero delivers the iconic cruiser experience.

MSRP: $7,799

Colors: Ultra Blue Metallic

Available: February

Honda 2023 Shadow Aero ABS Ultra Blue Metallic


With its clean, understated styling and impressive ride quality, Honda’s Shadow Phantom is all about no-nonsense performance and rider enjoyment. The bobber-inspired V-twin has a blacked-out engine, short fenders and black wheels with spokes, all of which come together for a timeless look. Between the programmed fuel injection, comfortable riding position and low center of gravity, the Shadow features modern creature comforts to complement its effortless style. This elegant cruiser boasts Honda’s legendary build quality and reliability, so owners can hit the open road with confidence.

MSRP: $7,999

Colors: Matte Black Metallic, Adventure Green

Available: December

Honda 2023 Shadow Phantom Matte Black Metallic


Offering the ultimate combination of value and performance, Honda’s CBR1000RR comes from a lineage of legendary sport bikes with countless racing accolades. Its precise cornering, adrenaline-inducing acceleration and impressive braking capabilities are a result of Honda’s “Total Control” design philosophy, which delivers a remarkably connected feeling on the pavement. Available with ABS or conventional brakes, the value-oriented CBR1000RR is the ideal counterpart to its track-focused sibling, the CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP.


CBR1000RR ABS: $16,899

CBR1000RR: $16,599

Color: Grand Prix Red

Available: December

Honda 2023 CBR1000RR Grand Prix Red


Purpose-built for carving up winding canyon roads and clocking fast laps on the track, Honda’s CBR600RR is a proven supersport machine. Its high-revving, responsive inline four-cylinder engine is matched with a light-handling chassis and high-performance Showa suspension for making quick work of the tightest corners on the track or on the backroads. With a decorated resume that includes eight World Supersport titles (nine if you count its CBR600F predecessor), the CBR600RR has been tested, developed, and proven at the highest level.


CBR600RR ABS: $13,099

CBR600RR: $12,099

Color: Grand Prix Red

Available: December

Honda 2023 CBR600RR Grand Prix Red


The ultimate entry-level sport-naked machine, the CB300R ABS showcases Honda’s sporty standard styling in its most lightweight representation, delivering exemplary sporting performance and feathery, centralized unsprung weight. Touting premium features from its larger-capacity siblings, along with a minimalist design that expresses attitude through exposed hardware and a dramatic cutaway tail, the CB1000R shows that even an affordable, approachable naked sport bike can be the center of attention.

MSRP: $5,049

Color: Pearl Dusk Yellow; Matte Black Metallic

Available: December

Honda 2023 CB300R ABS Pearl Dusk Yellow


With a liquid-cooled, SOHC 8-valve parallel-twin engine offering ample torque, matched with a chassis that boasts good handling and quality suspension, Honda’s NC750X is the ultimate do-it-all machine—a commuter king that is also ideal for riding backroads and getting off the beaten path. Powerful, nimble and comfortable, the NC750X has an affordable price along with features like a large front storage compartment (capable of storing most helmets), an upright riding position and Honda’s available high-tech automatic dual-clutch transmission (DCT), enabling it to deliver adventure, performance and utility, all in a single, versatile machine.

MSRP: $9,399

Color: Matte Nightshade Blue

Available: November

Honda 2023 NC750X Matte Nightshade Blue


Timeless style and unparalleled practicality have propelled Honda’s Super Cub, with over 100 million units sold worldwide since its release in 1958. Powered by a reliable 124cc four-stroke engine, the Super Cub has plenty of power for zipping around town, while still maintaining impressive fuel efficiency. Hidden behind its classic styling, modern technology like fuel injection, front-wheel ABS and an electric starter offer superb ride quality and convenience for everyday riding. With a smooth-handling, lightweight chassis and step-through design, the Super Cub makes getting around town less of a chore and more of an adventure.

MSRP: $3,849

Color: Pearl Gray

Available: November

Honda 2023 SuperCub C125 Pearl Gray


Few motorcycles stand the test of time as well as the Honda Monkey. The diminutive model has evolved considerably since its inception, though its mission to maximize fun in a pint-size package remains unchanged. Its styling and spirit are true to its roots, which date back to 1961 when the model was developed for a Honda-owned Japanese amusement park called Tama Tech. While the Monkey is very much vintage-inspired, its 124cc engine, plush suspension and ABS brakes are anything but, offering the best in modern performance. Popular among riders of all ages, this nostalgic miniMOTO continues to be a staple of the Honda lineup.

MSRP: $4,249

Color: Pearl Nebula Red; Banana Yellow

Available: November

Honda 2023 Monkey Banana Yellow


Injecting an enjoyable sense of escapade into even the most mundane urban commutes, Honda’s ADV150 delivers on the “City Adventure” concept, with a rugged-yet-capable design that combines a low vehicle weight with practical features like an automatic transmission, two-stage adjustable windscreen and under-seat storage. Put it all together, and the result is the Africa Twin of the scooter world—a sensible machine that adeptly traverses metropolitan roads and is even up for mini-adventures.

MSRP: $4,349

Color: Candy Rose Red

Available: November

Honda 2022 ADV150