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KLIM reveals 2023 Backcountry Team

KLIM has announced its official roster for the 2023 KLIM Backcountry Team (KLIM BCT), comprised of an elite group of all-star snowmobile ambassadors, hand-picked for their skill, passion and dedication to the sport.

The impressive 13-member roster represents prominent snow powersports athletes who share the purpose-driven mission of KLIM to promote and uplift the snow industry and its participants while helping fuel avalanche awareness and education for backcountry users. And most importantly, they’re some of the best riders and racers on Earth.

KLIM 2023 Backcountry team member Gabrielle Hockley

Selected for the 2023 KLIM Backcountry Team are:

Dan Adams

Emil Ahrling

Chris Burandt

Brock Buttars

Julie-Ann Chapman

Keith Curtis

Matt Entz

Gabrielle Hockley

Dave McClure


Mason Rutledge

Jared Sessions

Andy Thomas

Cole Willford

Together with KLIM, these decorated athletes will utilize their incredible experience and social impact to shine a light on the importance of snowmobile stewardship and safety in the tight-knit mountain snowmobile community – both on the racecourse and in the backcountry. KLIM is proud to support the most talented team of sponsored athletes to ever hit the snow.

“We are excited to officially welcome Dave McClure and Mason Rutledge to the team for the 2023 season,” Dustin Pancheri, KLIM’s athlete manager said. “We have been very strategic in selecting athletes who have developed themselves into industry leaders – not only because of their riding accomplishments but also the professional example they set regarding avalanche safety, industry activism, land stewardship and the overall promotion of the snowmobile industry. They represent the core values and passion that drives KLIM to develop, improve and advance our riding experience out on the snow. Our mutual goal is to inspire enthusiasts to make decisions that will protect our riding privileges, grow our sport and spread the message about the critical importance of avalanche safety.”

KLIM 2023 Backcountry team member Emil Ahrling.

Founded in 2015, the KLIM Backcountry Team further extends the company’s mission to enhance the riding experience while encouraging motorized backcountry users to prioritize avalanche safety. Motorized snowmobile safety has become increasingly important for KLIM and its partnership with the Avalanche Alliance, which has been actively helping the snowmobile community reach a higher level of avalanche awareness and education. All Backcountry Team members are Level 1 Avalanche Certified and involved in continuing safety education.

KLIM ambassador applications are open to the wider public – – in an effort to continue providing a platform for all to directly drive impact.

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