SpinCar announces name change to Impel

SpinCar announced that the company is operating under a new name – Impel. The name change reflects the company’s evolution and growth as well as its focus on driving innovation in vehicle retailing. Along with the name change, the company is expanding its product offering with the launch of F&I Pursuit – the industry’s first conversational AI-powered solution for automated post-sale F&I retailing.

The company’s new name was inspired by the word impel, which means “to push or drive forward.” The name Impel captures the essence of the company’s mission – Driving the shopping experience forward, by enabling retailers of every type and size to deliver more engaging customer experiences at every touchpoint.

“Over the past eight years we’ve developed innovative technology solutions that have helped thousands of dealers, OEMs and marketplaces deliver more engaging customer experiences,” said Devin Daly, Impel CEO. “Our new name communicates the broad impact that we are making across the entire vehicle customer journey and underscores our company’s continued commitment to harnessing the power of technology and data to move the industry forward. Together with our partners and our customers, we’re proud to be shaping the future of automotive retailing.”

Impel’s digital engagement platform enables vehicle sellers to deliver more personalized customer experiences at every touchpoint. Powered by conversational AI technology and the industry’s most granular shopper data set, the company’s fully integrated communication, merchandising, marketing and imaging applications help retailers drive greater efficiency and effectiveness across their entire operation. To date, the company has delivered more than two billion customer interactions across more than 51 countries.

Impel’s newest product, F&I Pursuit, provides dealers with a complete communication, merchandising and digital retailing platform for generating post vehicle sale F&I revenue. F&I Pursuit combines automated SMS text and email communications with full ecommerce capabilities to enable consumers to purchase vehicle service and protection products after they leave the dealership.

Powered by Impel’s conversational AI engine, F&I Pursuit continuously mines dealership DMS records and proactively engages with customers who did not buy supplemental protection products at the time of vehicle purchase. A fully integrated ecommerce experience offers flexible payment options and seamless transaction processing directly on participating dealers’ websites.

“F&I product sales are critical to dealer profitability, yet the average attachment rate for vehicle service contracts sold at the dealership is less than 50%,” said Daly. “F&I Pursuit turns those lost opportunities into sales by educating, engaging and converting shoppers after they leave the dealership, from the comfort of their own home. These after-purchase sales represent fully incremental revenue for a dealership’s business office. We’re excited about this new product and we’re looking forward to helping dealers leverage the power of AI to engage customers and grow their business in new ways.”