Electric snowbike startup MoonBikes partners include Bosch

The French start-up MoonBikes is entering the American market with the world’s first electric snowbike. Born in the French Alps, the company’s mission was to create an electric snowbike that would revolutionize mobility on snow.

Democratizing snow mobility with a pioneering design of ultra-light and affordable snowbike with respect to the environment, MoonBikes is the perfect alternative to the polluting and noisy snowmobiles. After conquering the European market, the company has now expanded to the United States. The first vehicles will arrive just in time for Christmas.

 MoonBikes has established its U.S. operations in Boulder, Colorado.
Photo by Niels St Viteux

MoonBikes is revolutionizing the snow mobility market with the world’s first electric snowbike. Ecofriendly and easy-to-ride, MoonBikes provides a new way to enjoy winter activities. Perfectly silent, this snowbike allows its users to explore the outdoors without disturbing the peaceful snowscape.

More environmentally friendly than snowmobiles, this emission-free vehicle intends to play a role in the development of sustainable tourism in the mountains.

Passionate about the outdoors, MoonBikes’ founder Nicolas Muron has used his creativity to realize his vision: the creation of a fun electric snowbike that is extremely easy to ride, store, transport, and charge. The MoonBikes snowbike is only two-thirds the size of the average snowmobile. It gives its users the freedom of an e-bike, with the power of a motorcycle. This brand-new category of vehicles is led by an innovative patented propulsion system that is totally silent. The start-up partners with Bosch to assemble the snowbikes.

MoonBikes is the brainchild of Nicolas Muron. In the winter of 2015, while visiting his family home in the French Alps, Nicolas realized that snow mobility solutions were extremely limited. Haunted by the desire to change how people travel, have fun, and explore nature during the winter, he put his experience as an aeronautical engineer at Dassault Aviation to task to create this unique vehicle. The start-up was created in 2018.

The year 2021 emerged as a promising year for the company. In Europe, 12 ski resorts adopted the innovative e-vehicle. Soon after closing a $5M seed round, MoonBikes decided to accelerate its commercial development in the U.S. and, as a first step, opened an office in Boulder, Colorado, in September.

Currently, 400 MoonBikes are being produced for both European and American markets. The company aims at producing 1,500 snowbikes next year.

The success story of a French start-up expanding across the Atlantic MoonBikes will change the face of winter seasons for years to come. Snowbikes’ users will now have


a fun, silent and greener way of enjoying the snow. In only fifteen minutes, any individual can learn how to drive it. MoonBikes will hire a team to support its growth. The company intends to double in size by 2023.

The company will attend the CES, the most influential tech event in the world, on Jan. 3-8, 2022, in Las Vegas.