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Motorcycles added to auto safety recall management software

Beaverton, Oregon-based AutoAp, Inc., announced it has added motorcycle safety recall identification to its suite of services. The new service will help motorcycle dealers identify bikes with open safety recalls, adding revenue opportunities, reducing liability and most important, keeping riders safer.

AutoAp launched its Dynamic Safety Recall Management system for the automotive industry in 2014 and has helped thousands of auto dealers improve their safety recall repair management. Much like vehicles in the automotive industry, motorcycles often have open safety recalls of which dealers and consumers are unaware.

AutoAp’s software can quickly and efficiently help dealers identify motorcycles with open recalls. The dealers can then generate additional revenue through repair reimbursement from manufacturers and they can reduce their liability by not selling motorcycles with open recalls.

“Open safety recalls are as big a challenge in the motorcycle industry as they are in the auto industry,” said AutoAp CEO Mark Paul. “There are literally millions of bikes on the road with open safety recalls, but they often go unidentified and unrepaired. Our software is a proven resource for helping dealers identify open safety recalls, increase their service revenue and reduce their liability.”

There have been 2,685 safety recalls affecting more than 67 million motorcycles since 2010. When comparing motorcycles to cars and trucks, riders are 10 times more likely to die in an accident on a bike with an open safety recall.

AutoAp uses multiple sources and cross-references their findings, with advanced processing algorithms to correctly identify and assign VIN-specific safety recalls in the most-timely manner possible. Their solutions are easily replicated for the motorcycle industry.

“Our proven services have helped thousands of auto dealers reduce liability and increase revenue by identifying open safety recalls since our launch,” Paul said. “The motorcycle industry is a natural extension of our core strengths. This is something that will be good for motorcycle dealers from a business standpoint, while at the same time, keeping riders safe.”

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