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Yamaha unveils ‘Master of Torque’ 2022 MT-10, MT-10 SP

Marietta, Georgia-based Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA has announced the next generation of its flagship MT model, the all-new 2022 Yamaha MT-10, and for the first time in the North American market, the all-new 2022 Yamaha MT-10 SP.

Derived from the Yamaha YZF-R1, the MT-10 is the pinnacle of Yamaha’s Hyper Naked range boasting the renowned high-torque 998cc CP4 engine, supremely capable aluminum Deltabox YZF-R1 frame and ultra-aggressive naked styling for superbike levels of performance in a refined, street-focused package.

2022 Yamaha MT-10

The Dark Side of Japan

Since 2013, the Dark Side of Japan has been the inspiration behind the development of Yamaha’s ‘Master of Torque’ MT models, bringing a new level of excitement and dynamism to the sport-naked class. Inspired by the provocative design concepts emerging from Japan’s vibrant, unconventional motorsport subculture, Yamaha’s MT models are conceived and built by people who eat, breathe and sleep motorcycles.

With a focus on torque-rich engine performance, agile handling and aggressive looks, every MT is designed to deliver a thrilling, sporty ride that reinforces the passion for two wheels. With over a quarter of a million MT models sold since the first model arrived eight years ago, Yamaha’s Hyper Naked family provides enthusiasts around the world the opportunity to experience the Dark Side of Japan for themselves.

2022 Yamaha MT-10


Compact, Minimalist Styling & Enhanced Ergonomics

From the launch of the very first MT-10, Yamaha’s flagship Hyper Naked established a reputation for being one of the most distinctive and aggressively styled bikes in the category. The next evolution of the MT-10 continues this tradition with a stripped-down new look achieved by removing unnecessary bodywork elements and refocusing attention on the pure mechanical beauty of the muscular engine and compact frame. Mounted on either side of the fuel tank cover, enlarged functional intake ducts increase efficiency while visually enhancing the bike’s new, aggressive look.

The ‘face’ of every motorcycle is one of the most significant design elements, shaping the way it is perceived. New twin-eye mono-focus LED headlights and LED position lights situated above the headlights combine with a more compact nose assembly to minimize overhang and lend a more refined, dominant look. Separate high and low beam units provide excellent illumination and project a powerful, even beam with softer light at the edges.

Ergonomics are also enhanced for greater comfort and control. Protruding areas around the fuel tank are reduced offering more freedom of movement and better feel when the rider grips the tank with their knees under hard braking or cornering. The 2022 model’s ‘rider triangle’—the bar/footrest/seat relationship—is improved with the hip position lowered for a feeling of sitting more within the bike. Additionally, seat firmness is modified to further enhance comfort.

New Six-Axis Inertial Measurement Unit with Rider Aids

New for 2022, the MT-10 takes a significant step forward in technological advancement with the addition of Yamaha’s state-of-the-art six-axis IMU. Originally developed for the YZF-R1, the new IMU on the MT-10 has now evolved into a smaller and lighter unit, featuring two sensors that measure three-axis angular velocity (pitch, roll and yaw) and three-axis acceleration (forward/backward, up/down and left/right). This data is transmitted to the ECU to seamlessly control the bike’s increased array of electronic rider aids based on the vehicles speed and position.


Lean Sensitive Traction Control System — The new MT-10 benefits from one of the most advanced traction control systems in its class. Using the six-axis IMU data in conjunction with relative front and rear wheel speed data, this new lean sensitive traction control system adjusts the degree of intervention to correspond with the bike’s lean angle. A total of five intervention levels are available or the system can be turned off completely.

Slide Control System (SCS) — For increased cornering confidence, the MT-10 is equipped with the latest Slide Control System (SCS). When IMU sensors identify that the rear wheel is beginning to slide sideways, the ECU intervenes by reducing drive to the rear wheel until the chassis is stabilized. The system is adjustable between three pre-set intervention levels or can be turned off completely.

Lift Control System (LIF) The MT-10’s new Lift Control System (LIF) uses IMU data to monitor front wheel lift. This data is sent to the ECU and used to control engine output for a seamless regulation of front wheel lift during starts and acceleration. The system is adjustable between three pre-set intervention levels or can be turned off completely.

Engine Brake Management (EBM) — EBM controls the degree of engine braking force when decelerating, providing the rider with a choice of two level settings. Level 1 allows more engine braking while Level 2 reduces engine braking, enabling the rider to choose their preferred level for prevailing riding conditions.

Brake Control System (BC) The Brake Control (BC) System allows riders to select between two modes of ABS intervention. BC1 Mode is a standard ABS-active mode for straight-line braking conditions. BC2 Mode uses IMU data to determine lean angle and changes the ABS sensitivity as lean angle increases.

Yamaha Ride Control (YRC) — While all electronic rider aids on the new MT-10 can be adjusted independently, Yamaha Ride Control (YRC) simplifies the process for owners by offering four different selectable riding modes, each with pre-set traction control, SCS, QSS, LIF, EBM and BC system settings to match ride preference.

Quick Shift System

An up and down Quick Shift System (QSS) is standard on the 2022 MT-10. By enabling quick, clutchless shifting both up and down the gear box, this system makes full-on acceleration more exciting, downshifting faster and smoother, with less chassis disruption when changing gears.

Updated ‘High-Torque’ 998cc CP4 Engine

The next evolution of the MT-10 is equipped with a refined version of the liquid-cooled CP4 crossplane engine derived from the race-ready YZF-R1 powerplant. With a linear, torque-rich delivery, this is the most potent and technologically advanced engine ever seen on a Yamaha Hyper Naked motorcycle. Fuel injection settings have been optimized, and design of the intake and exhaust systems were modified to lend the MT-10 a torquier, more street-focused engine character.

Tuned Intake Sound

The sound made by any motorcycle—whether intake or exhaust—is one of its most defining characteristics. Yamaha’s engineers have focused intently on creating an unrivaled soundtrack for the MT-10 by designing an all-new intake system. With the crossplane CP4 engine’s innovative uneven firing interval, the MT-10 emits a distinctive intake and exhaust noise characterized by a rumbling growl at low rpm and a high-pitched roar at high rpm. A new air box with three differing-length intake ducts tuned to resonate harmoniously at varying engine speeds creates a unique intake roar that enhances the overall riding experience. Sound is heightened further by new Acoustic Amplifier Grilles positioned on the front left and right of the fuel tank, transmitting this tuned induction soundtrack directly to the rider, adding to the thrill when opening the throttle.

Advanced Ride-By-Wire Throttle with Four Power Delivery Modes

New for 2022, the next generation MT-10 now features the Accelerator Position Sensor Grip (APSG), the same unit found on the YZF-R1. Eliminating the need for traditional throttle cables by using a sensor and magnet within the throttle grip housing to send throttle position data to the ECU, the system also employs a spring, slider and gear mechanism to produce varying degrees of resistance to recreate a natural throttle feel during use. The rider can also change throttle response characteristics by adjusting the PWR (Power delivery mode) between four different power modes.

New 4.2-Inch Full-Color TFT Display

The 2022 MT-10 now comes equipped with a new premium 4.2-inch full-color TFT display, featuring a clear, easy to read screen and intuitive function navigation controlled by a scrolling menu switch on the right handlebar and a quick-select mode switch on the left handlebar.

Brembo Radial Master Cylinder

The MT-10’s front braking system features large 320mm dual floating discs paired with 4-piston radial-mounted calipers. New for 2022, performance is enhanced with the addition of a Brembo radial brake master cylinder, offering improved feel at the lever and increased control under hard braking.

Lightweight Aluminum Deltabox Frame

Derived from the class leading R1, the MT-10’s aluminum Deltabox frame is central to the confidence inspiring handling. Originally developed to cope with the demands of a high-horsepower superbike under race conditions, this high-tech frame uses the CP4 engine as a fully stressed member to keep weight to a minimum. Equipped with a long aluminum swingarm while still maintaining a compact 55.3-inch (1405mm) wheelbase, the chassis delivers stable, light and agile handling in a wide variety of low- and high-speed riding conditions.

Optimized Front & Rear Suspension

The MT-10’s suspension system uses optimized model-specific settings front and rear that are designed to provide confidence-inspiring grip, precise handling and a plush ride, whether navigating urban streets or carving up mountain bends. The fully adjustable high-spec 43mm KYB front forks and fully adjustable KYB rear shock can be easily set up to match varying loads and personal riding preferences.

MT-10 Colors, Availability & Price

The 2022 Yamaha MT-10 will be offered in two color options reflecting the Dark Side of Japan styling ethos: Cyan Storm or Matte Raven Black. It will be available from dealers in March 2022 for an MSRP of $13,999.

2022 Yamaha MT-10 SP


Yamaha’s much revered SP models represent the pinnacle of machine development, featuring the most sophisticated specifications available. For 2022, Yamaha is excited to offer an all-new Yamaha MT-10 SP model to the U.S. market. Just as the Yamaha MT-10 draws inspiration from the Yamaha YZF-R1 superbike, the all-new MT-10 SP draws inspiration from the ultimate Yamaha superbike, the ultra-advanced, ultra-exclusive Yamaha YZF-R1M. Along with all the high-spec features of the standard 2022 MT-10, the new MT-10 SP takes the model to an even higher level of performance and advancement with the inclusion of Öhlins Semi-Active Suspension and exclusive YZF-R1M-inspired colorway with premium styling accents for the ultimate Hyper Naked.

Öhlins Semi-Active Suspension System

The new MT-10 SP is designed for riders who want the most exclusive Hyper Naked with the most advanced chassis technology. Although the Yamaha R1M features a similar Öhlins suspension system, the new MT-10 SP is the first production motorcycle to be fitted with the Öhlins’ next generation electronically controlled suspension employing the latest spool valve damping. This state-of-the-art technology provides an even greater range of damping adjustments and a higher degree of response.

Riders can choose between three semi-active damping modes (A-1, A-2, A-3), as well as three manual settings (M-1, M-2, M-3). When any of the automatic modes are selected the system adjusts rebound and compression damping continuously to match the current running conditions, ensuring the most appropriate settings are always in play. Semi-active damping modes include:

A-1 (Sport) – Designed to provide exceptional feedback on the track or twisty secondary roads with a high degree of front and rear feel, along with good chassis stability during hard acceleration or braking.

A-2 (Intermediate) – Best suited to daily riding or urban commuting.

A-3 (Tour) – Designed for touring conditions with an emphasis on comfort and stability.

Manual mode allows precise electronic adjustment of compression and rebound damping for both the front fork and rear shock. Managed through the YRC menu, the suspension can be tailored to suit the exact rider style or riding environment required.

Exclusive Lower Fairing

The new MT-10 SP also comes equipped with an exclusive color-matched lower fairing for a more aggressive race-bred look, additionally serving to direct more air to the oil cooler at speed.

Braided Steel Brake Lines

Braided steel brake lines are fitted as standard on the MT-10 SP, providing a high level of feel at the lever and more resistance to fade under track conditions and extreme temperatures.

MT-10 SP Color, Availability & Price

The 2022 Yamaha MT-10 SP’s exclusive Liquid Metal/Raven color scheme signifies its top of the Hyper Naked range status and highlights the close technological links with the YZF-R1M. It will be available from dealers in May 2022 for an MSRP of $16,899.

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