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MSF offers free motorcycle training in 15 Cities across the U.S.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) has unveiled the initial schedule of its RIDE Day events for 2024, which consists of 25 planned events from Alaska to Virginia, with more regularly added.

The MSF recognizes nearly 2,000 training sites across the country where MSF-certified coaches teach motorcycle riding curricula, and each location is eligible to host RIDE Days of its own.

RIDE Day events offer MOTO Intro training that allows non-riders to ride a motorcycle for the first time, and current riders can ride their own motorcycle in practice exercises designed to sharpen their skills. Through hosting a RIDE Day, MSF-recognized ranges open their facilities to the communities they serve. Events frequently feature motorcycle and gear displays and local vendors to create a welcoming motorcycle experience while also providing attendees with proper rider training.

The two key elements of RIDE Day are MOTO Intro and SKILLS Check and events can feature either or both of these activities.

MOTO Intro: This training is for those seeking to ride a motorcycle for the first time with the proper gear, motorcycle, space and professional coach to guide them. Within 30 minutes, participants can get familiar with motorcycle hand controls and, if comfortable, ride a small oval pattern. From that point, participants are offered additional information on the next steps for their motorcycle riding journey.

Participants are asked to wear long, non-ripped pants, over-the-ankle footwear and long sleeves. Helmets, gloves and eye protection are provided.

SKILLS Check: This training is for current riders who will ride their own motorcycles. Skills need to be practiced to be kept in top form and the school provides advanced coaches to oversee and offer tips if desired. Information on MSF advanced riding courses will also be made available.

RIDE Day events offer MOTO Intro and SKILLS Check training for new and experienced riders. Photos courtesy of MSF

Participants are required to wear all safety equipment and before starting the Skills Check course, and their motorcycle will undergo a basic safety check with an MSF-certified RiderCoach.

“Through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s RIDE Day, we have created an engaging activity that connects current and curious riders with proper rider training,” says Corey Eastman, Director of Rider Education Expansion for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. “As we have developed the event over the past 18 months, nearly 1,000 participants have taken part at 12 locations around the country. Twenty-eight percent of them have gone on to complete an MSF course while an additional 24 percent are planning to take an MSF course in the future.”

The MSF RIDE Day events for 2024 consist of 25 planned events from Alaska to Virginia, with more regularly added.

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