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Yamaha announces 2022 snowmobile lineup

Yamaha has announced the launch of its 2022 snowmobile lineup, details on its Spring Power Surge (SPS) Sales Program and a new functionality on both American and Canadian websites that allows customers to place deposits online.

According to an official announcement, Yamaha enters 2022 with new snowmobile and technology improvements that riders are asking for – returning are the LE, GT, SE and 400 series of snowmobiles, complimented by utility, two-up and youth models as well.

In 2022 dealers will see six total LE models available, led by the legendary Sidewinder SRX and three versions of the Mountain Max for riders out West, including the Mountain Max LE 154 Super Lite, or SL for short. The pull-start only SL puts a premium on weight savings with shortened mountain seat and revised fuel tank, but still employs a 3-inch lug. Customers wanting an LE model will need to place a deposit during SPS to secure their snowmobile for next season.

Similar to Arctic Cat’s announcement earlier, big news comes in the form of Electric Power Steering (EPS) and its inclusion on the Sidewinder L-TX GT EPS and Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS. According to Yamaha, its research demonstrated that many previous Apex and Vector customers viewed EPS as a crucial factor in their willingness to upgrade to a newer model. Yamaha’s variable EPS system eases the powerful turbo through twisty trails – but also isolates the rider from unwanted handlebar resistance feedback through the mechanical steering system from the trail. The light steering effort and handling precision is unrivaled when it comes to long days in the saddle. While the GT models will be available in-season, dealers will be encouraged to inform customers to place their deposit in the spring to lock in their rides.

Meanwhile Yamaha’s 400 series saw strong sales in the first year, and for 2022 the addition of the Transporter Lite 2-Up provides an economical and efficient option for new and returning riders who want to get on snow together. The addition of the Transporter Lite two-up provides a 400 series model for trail, mountain, utility and touring applications.

Like the Transporter Lite utility model, the new Transporter Lite 2-Up rides on the 7/8th-size chassis, utilizes a 397cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected single-cylinder engine and rides on a 146-inch track. However, that rear end now has solid rails all the way to the back (no articulation) and features overload springs, plus it has a second, raised seat, making it ready to carry a second passenger – thus the name.

Spring Power Surge

Over the years Yamaha’s Spring Power Surge has cemented itself as the only time to get the most sought after upgraded LE snowmobiles, but also the best deal of the year for loyal customers. For 2022 the program will run from March 9 through April 17.

Last year’s SPS season demonstrated it can never be too convenient for a customer to place a deposit on a new Yamaha snowmobile. Canadian customers now have the added flexibility of placing deposits online in addition to the traditional method of placing a deposit at a desired dealer.  American customers will be required to place all deposits online in order to secure their snowmobile.

Customers who choose to place a deposit online will select a dealer to conduct the purchase with while placing the deposit. Dealers are notified when a deposit is placed and will follow up with the customer directly concerning the final purchase package, accessory or apparel options and any other pertinent information. When the customer’s unit arrives in the fall, Yamaha will apply the deposit to the package price.

Yamaha is confident the increased convenience of online deposits will make it easier for new and returning customers to enjoy a 2022 snowmobile, and the company feels this is an important feature to adopt with the significant upward trend in online consumer purchasing behavior.

What models most excite you for 2020? Leave your comments below and let us know!


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