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MotorCity Harley-Davidson acquired by PVM Enterprises

MotorCity Harley-Davidson has been acquired by Paul Veracka. According to an announcement, the dealership will become the newest member of the PVM Enterprises, one of the fastest growing Harley dealers in the U.S. with dealerships located in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Florida and Michigan.

MotorCity H-D is located 30 miles north of sister store Motown H-D, which is in Taylor, Michigan. With the close proximity of MotorCity H-D and Motown H-D, there are a lot of synergies for events, rides and marketing that the dealerships can take advantage of.

“This is my 10th Harley-Davidson dealership now with the goal to continue to expand this year,” said Veracka in the announcement. “With the strong economy, potential future capital gains tax increase and upcoming H-D facility requirements many dealers feel like this is a great time to sell. I have been able to pay over-market value on four acquisitions in the past 12 months as I continue acquiring stores. Knowing the process allows me to typically bypass brokers to give maximum value to the seller and expedite the timing.”

With PVM Enterprises recent acquisitions including MotorCity H-D, it has allowed many of the current employees to transfer dealerships and earn promotions. With consistent industry leading training programs and procedures, it makes it easy for an employee to transfer dealerships knowing the new dealership will be operated the same way.

“With the rapid growth the past year and more to come in the near future, I’m also looking for additional staff that want to join an expanding dealer group with room for growth and internal promotions,” said Veracka. “Motown H-D is already one of the largest new bike dealerships in the country and we feel that with the huge Harley-Davidson community in Michigan, MotorCity H-D has the customer base to equal Motown H-D. I’m excited to add another location in the Detroit Metro and growing ridership throughout the Midwest. The team at MotorCity H-D has done a great job building both a community of Harley riders in the area as well as a great business. PVM Enterprises was founded by riders, built for riders, and we are dedicated to passing that passion along to others. I am 100% committed to the Harley-Davidson brand and the sport of motorcycling along with our great team at each location.”

Collectively, Veracka’s company will sell more than 10,000 Harley-Davidson motorcycles this year, continuing to strengthen its position as one of the largest Harley-Davidson groups in the world.

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