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Polaris Commercial unveils 2025 Pro XD Kinetic electric UTV for worksites

The 2025 Pro XD Kinetic electric full-size UTV from Polaris Commercial, a division of Polaris, is engineered to withstand jobsite operation with zero exhaust– taking efficiency and sustainability to a new level. The Pro XD Kinetic further expands Polaris’ range of work-oriented UTVs while increasing the environments and areas in which electric UTVs can operate.

2025 Pro XD Kinetic full-size UTV from Polaris Commercial. (Photo: Polaris)

Polaris was one of the first to enter the electric UTV space with the Ranger XP Kinetic. The electric Ranger has been called “game-changing” and the “gold standard” for battery-electric UTVs. Polaris has now leveraged this technology for its commercial customers with the Pro XD Kinetic, rounding out the Pro XD family that also includes gas and diesel, full-size and mid-size, standard, and crew models.

Aaron Stegemann, vice president of Polaris Commercial, comments: “In everything we do, Polaris Commercial is committed to providing the greatest value for our customers. That means genuinely listening to their pain points, understanding the use cases and applications for our work UTVs, and solving unmet demands where we can. With the introduction of the Pro XD Kinetic, we’re keeping the features our customers love and rely on from the Pro XD family while addressing the ever-growing environmental, operational and government requirements for EVs.”

The Pro XD Kinetic utilizes purpose-built features that rental, construction, and other industrial customers value and delivers them with an electric powertrain through Polaris’ exclusive 10-year partnership with Zero Motorcycles, the powerful Pro XD Kinetic offers the same 1,250 lbs cargo and 2,500 lbs towing capacity as a full-size gas or diesel Pro XD UTV, while its electric powertrain delivers instantaneous torque and precise handling. An electric powertrain also requires less maintenance, which means more vehicle uptime, while its quieter operations enable access to restricted areas where heavy-duty gas and diesel UTVs were previously excluded.

The 2025 Pro XD Kinetic offers the same 1,250 lbs cargo and 2,500 lbs towing capacity as a full-size gas or diesel Pro XD UTV.

Low maintenance

Scheduled maintenance costs are roughly 60 percent less than average maintenance costs for similar gas-powered vehicles like the full-size MY24 Pro XD, according to Polaris, meaning fewer replacements and less waste. The Lithium-Ion battery in the Pro XD is designed to last the vehicle’s lifetime and is backed by a five-year warranty from Polaris Commercial.

Safety Features

Orange seatbelts, vehicle decals, and optional lighting accessories improve the visibility of the vehicle and surrounding workers, while a standard horn and backup alarm provide audible alerts for the operator and surrounding crew. Furthermore, the top speed of the Pro XD Kinetic can be calibrated between 5-40 mph, with many customers selecting a top speed of 25 mph for jobsite compliance. The electric drivetrain also provides reduced sound levels that improve the operator’s situational awareness, allowing easier communication between crew members and quiet-zone usage.

Heavy-duty reliability

Heavy-duty boots, bearings and bushings, Kevlar-backed seats, thick 8-ply tires and a rust- and dent-free poly bed ensure the electric model is built to last from the headlights to the tailgate. A rugged, long-lasting 14.9 kWh Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) battery and a powerful electric motor make the Pro XD Kinetic as tough on the inside as it is on the outside. And 140lb-ft of instant torque provides the power operators need to tow up to 2,500 lbs and haul up to 1,250 lbs. Additionally, a range of up to 45 miles ensures crews can go the distance while providing an estimated five-year savings of $2,800 in fuel savings alone compared to the MY24 gas Pro XD.

Charging options

The Pro XD Kinetic from Polaris Commercial is equipped with convenient charging options designed to fit any electrification infrastructure or lack thereof. The vehicle’s battery can be charged by a standard wall outlet or even a similarly powered generator for remote jobsites or until power is established. This ability to charge using 110V power means no new infrastructure is required, however, the Pro XD Kinetic is also compatible with 220V to enable fast charging options.

The 2025 Pro XD Full-size Kinetic will have an MSRP starting at $28,999.

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