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U.S. Bank, Rollick launch Boat Marketplace

U.S. Bank and Rollick have joined forces to provide U.S. Bank customers and dealerships with a streamlined RV and boat buying experience.

The launch of the U.S. Bank RV and Boat Marketplace is the first of its kind provided by a U.S. financial institution, allowing recreation vehicle shoppers to search dealer inventory and apply for financing for use at participating dealers nationwide.

The new U.S. Bank RV and Boat Marketplace is accessible to customers and non-customers of the bank, and all boat and RV dealers using U.S. Bank as a lender can participate in the program at no charge. The new marketplace is available on the U.S. Bank website and will soon be added to the U.S. Bank Mobile App.

“Digital adoption has doubled in the last decade, and we know that consumers now have access to an incredible amount of information and research before making a purchase. This has changed the way consumers shop for just about everything,” says John Hyatt, executive vice president of dealer services for U.S. Bank. “The new U.S. Bank RV and Boat Marketplace empowers clients within the shopping and financing phase of buying a recreation vehicle. With this new tool, clients can shop confidently and gain pre-approval within one streamlined and secure digital experience.”

The new relationship between U.S. Bank and Rollick will also benefit RV and boat dealers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) by enabling them to reach a broader customer base and connect with qualified buyers through a trusted source.

“Rollick is excited to work with U.S. Bank to deliver its new RV and boat buying experience,” says Jason Nierman, co-founder and chief revenue officer for Rollick. “Our collaborative DNA, technology skillset and unique customer acquisition channels enable success across multiple dimensions for U.S. Bank.”

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