Parts Canada opens new warehouse in Calgary, Alberta

In 2002, Parts Canada HQ and the western distribution center was established in Calgary, Alberta, and in 2008 the warehouse currently operating in London, Ontario was officially opened. Since then, Parts Canada has grown by leaps and bounds.

Parts Canada opens new western DC in Alberta.
Parts Canada has opened a new western DC in Alberta, Canada that will now serve about 40 percent of dealers. (Photo: Parts Canada)

The company recently announced its latest move and the official opening of a new western distribution center in Calgary, Alberta. The warehouse in London has a footprint of 170,000-sq.ft. of usable space and 25 loading docks. The previous warehouse in Calgary had 75,000-sq.ft. with only nine docks.

The new warehouse in Calgary offers over 190,000 square feet of usable space, with 27 loading docks. With over 360,000-sq.ft. of space available for shipping, receiving, and inventory stocking that is serviced by 52 loading docks, it makes it possible to serve Canadian dealers like no other, says the company. And with increased docks in Calgary offering more outbound service, it supports the western regions with quicker turn-around times and offers better solutions for next-day regional service.

Parts Canada previously managed approximately 70 percent of its inventory in London, but with the new facility in operation it will split the inventory evenly, with 40 percent more SKUs now shipping out of Calgary than before. The move also means that the distributor can carry even more brands and parts and expand into other industry segments such as bicycling.

The new warehouse in Calgary will be largely automated, like the current London warehouse, according to the distributor. Picking by region and using automated pack-sized boxing machines reduces packaging waste and costs, as well as reduced freight costs. These savings are also passed down to the customer. Calgary will also implement new automation with state-of-the-art robotic skid movers and pack-to-box picking technology, which eliminates one step of the shipping process.

Parts Canada is dedicating the next 12 months to further develop automation and state-of-the-art technology and is currently employing more people to facilitate their continued growth.

“This expansion is just the beginning of the many great things to come to serve our valued customers and the powersports industry even better,” the distributor sums up in a press release.