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PSB offers quick tips to help dealers

Powersports dealers are busy. Sales need to be made; service needs to be completed; parts and accessories need to be ordered and sold; the showroom needs to be stocked; and a million other tasks need to be completed everyday.

We at Powersports Business know dealers have hectic schedules at times. Using this knowledge, we launched a new feature in our magazine. If you check out Page 3 of our June issue, you’ll see a section called PSB’s 123s. What is it? PSB’s 123s are short, digestible, but extremely helpful tips from a group of experts called upon by Powersports Business editors.

In each magazine, you’ll find 10 tips. Online at this link, you’ll find even more bits of advice exclusive to the Web.

The inaugural topic is “How to save money at your dealership.” In the list, experts Steve Jones of Gart Sutton & Associates, Bob McCann of ARI Network Services Inc., Mark Mooney of Mohala Motorsports Consulting, Dave Waugh of Systematyx and Dave Yeargin of Ziios all supply tips that dealers can quickly scan through, understand and implement into their dealerships. Other experts will be featured in upcoming editions of PSB’s 123s.

One example of a tip that didn’t make it into the magazine but appears online is this nugget from Mooney, “Strategically maximize your hours of operation. Your fixed overhead is the same, regardless of whether you are open eight hours per day or 12 hours per day. Know your traffic patterns and do what works for your customers, not what’s convenient for you.”

Dealers can take edible pieces of advice like that, chew on it for a while and consider implementing it. For such tips, long, drawn out explanations aren’t necessary. We know you’re busy; that’s why they’re short and to the point.

Future lists will include tips on how to make profits in specific departments, what tasks key staff members should be completing, how social media should be handled and much more. We hope these will help your dealership and your bottom line. Even if you only implement a couple tips per list, we’re sure you’ll see big changes at your dealership. Let us know what you think of the new feature.

If you think you have an expertise in a specific area of the powersports industry, let me know, and maybe I can include you as a future expert. Contact me at if you’re interested.

And enjoy the lists. Each tip is something to think about and could be a successful strategy for your dealership.

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