PSB blog readers seek data

Our Industry Insiders bloggers come from a variety of backgrounds and cover an assortment of topics – from tips on merchandising to mini instructionals on social media to advice on management.

Everyone who blogs for the website brings different information to the table, and each was chosen to blog because of their expertise, knowledge of the industry and ability to share the information with others. The posts readers have grasped onto most are the ones with data, PSB found in a search of the Top 10 blogs since the site’s inception.

The top three blogs all contained insider data or teasers to data provided by Powersports Business editors. The No. 1 read blog was called “What motorcycle brand fared the best in 2009?” It ran Jan. 12, 2010, and asked readers to guess which brand had the lowest percentage decline in new unit sales. The data followed later in an issue of Powersports Business.

The next two were about motorcycle market share and four-wheel market share. No. 6, “A sickening statistic” about women riders, included J.D. Power and Associates data; No.  8, “A key Harley-Davidson issue,” included information from Harley-Davidson’s financial reports, and No. 10, “How to sell 29 percent more motorcycles,” featured data from Pied Piper Management Co. along with advice from Pied Piper President Fran O’Hagan.

Three of the Top 10, “Memorable companies/products at Dealer Expo,” “Uncovering the golden nugget at Dealer Expo” and “Stupid or brilliant,” contained product or service information. Half of the ten were specifically about motorcycles.

No. 5, “Can you get out of your own way?” was an advice piece written by Jennifer Robison, retail environment specialist for Tucker Rocky Distributing.

The Top 10 are as follows:
1. What motorcycle brand fared the best in 2009?
2. Motorcycle market share rumblings
3. Four-wheel market share: Who gained, who lost for 2009?
4. Memorable companies/products at Dealer Expo
5. Can you get out of your own way?
6. A sickening statistic
7. Uncovering the golden nugget at Dealer Expo
8. A key Harley-Davidson issue
9. Stupid or brilliant?
10. How to sell 29 percent more motorcycles

What are your favorite blogs? What do like reading about from the PSB Industry Insiders?


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